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Go inside the numbers and matchups that will decide Sunday nights showdown?between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians in Game 5 of the World Series, and then vote for which team will win at the bottom of the page. The Indians lead the series 3-1.How we got hereCorey Kluber improved to 4-1 in the postseason with a 0.89 ERA. The Indians improved to 10-2 in the postseason with a 1.68 ERA. Carlos Santana and Jason Kipnis each homered and had three hits apiece. The Cubs went 1-for-7 with runners in scoring position and their bullpen coughed up four runs. The Indians won 7-2 to take a 3-1 series lead. Cubs catcher Miguel Montero told his teammates to just chill.?-- David SchoenfieldInside the pitching matchupWhen Trevor Bauer is on the mound: If this game is like his Game 2 start, you can expect a lot of 3-2 counts, too much time between pitches and probably a pretty quick hook. In that start, he threw 87 pitches while facing only 18 batters and lasting 3? innings. At least the pinkie didnt explode.Bauer works off a fastball that averages 93.1 mph, preferring to work middle-away to both lefties and righties. He works up in the zone with the fastball, which has resulted in a .447 slugging percentage allowed on the pitch. His average fastball velocity in Game 1 was just 91.6 mph, tied for his lowest of the season, and it was located in the strike zone just 41.8 percent of the time compared to a season average of 55 percent. He adds a curveball, cutter and changeup, with the curveball his go-to wipeout pitch -- batters hit .134/.145/.221 with a 45 percent strikeout rate against it. He has drastically reduced his cutter usage his past five starts, from a season rate of over 17 percent to less than 8 percent of late.Manager Terry Francona has the luxury of a series lead, but dont expect Bauer to face more than 18 hitters again. He drops off significantly the third time through the order:First: .226/.304/.367 Second: .232/.300/.375 Third: .283/.338/.481Danny Salazar threw one inning in relief of Bauer in Game 2, his first outing since early September. He could be an option for a couple of innings if Francona needs to bridge the gap to his other relievers. -- SchoenfieldWhen Jon Lester is on the mound: Lester has given up five runs over 26? innings this postseason, but three of those came in Game 1. He gave up two runs in the first inning in that start, uncharacteristically walking two batters and hitting a third. Still, with a career 2.60 postseason ERA, this is the guy the Cubs want out there. Given some shaky outings by the middle relievers, Joe Maddon would love to use Lester and Aroldis Chapman and avoid his other relievers if possible.Lesters basic approach is pretty simple: A lot of fastballs that he locates to both sides of the plate while working the bottom of the strike zone, a lot of cutters and then a curveball that he loves to use as a two-strikeout wipeout pitch. He throws his fastball over 60 percent of the time, a change from recent seasons, when it was felt he was throwing the cutter too often. That pitch has remained effective, however, and one reason hes so tough on right-handed batters.Lesters inability to hold runners will certainly factor into the Indians strategy. However, Lester is quick to the plate, so while he allowed 28 steals, he also had 13 caught stealing, and baserunners have to be aware of the back pick from catcher David Ross. Francisco Lindor stole a base off him in Game 1 but also got caught stealing. -- SchoenfieldPlayer in the spotlightJavier Baez. Hes 2-for-17 in the World Series, as the Indians have been able to exploit his free-swinging approach better than the Dodgers or Giants did. With men on base against Cleveland, he has swung at 17 pitches outside the strike zone, without putting any of them in play.?-- SchoenfieldDid you know ...The Indians will be trying to finish off the Cubs in Game 5. A win would make them 11-2 in the postseason. The last team to win a World Series with two or fewer postseason losses is the 2005 White Sox, who went 11-1. The Cubs are 3-7 all time at home in games in which a loss meant postseason elimination. The losses were all by three runs or more; the wins were all by two runs or fewer.?-- ESPN Stats & InformationWhat will decide the game Sunday nightJon Lester has pitched well when facing a team for a second time in a postseason series. He has started against the same team twice in a postseason series on five previous occasions (2008 ALDS, 2008 ALCS, 2013 ALCS, 2013 World Series, 2016 NLCS). In his second starts in those five series, he has pitched 34 combined innings with a 1.85 ERA. He gave up more than two earned runs only once in those five starts.?-- ESPN Stats & InfoThe man in blueTony Randazzo, one of the umpires who ranked closest to average in terms of strike-calling this season, will be behind the plate for Game 5.Though Randazzo rates average, he does have several noteworthy tendencies that could impact this game. The key thing to know with Randazzo is that he doesnt call the outside pitch a strike often (eighth least likely out of 80 umps).With a right-handed pitcher on mound:? Left-handed hitter: Randazzo calls the inside pitch and the down-and-away pitch more often than his peers. ? Right-handed hitter: Hes consistent in not calling the pitch on the outside corner as often as his peers (regardless of its height). He will call the inside strike more often.With a left-handed pitcher on mound:? Left-handed hitter: Randazzo calls the pitch on the inside corner often, but does not call the pitch on the outside corner. ? Right-handed hitter: He calls the high strike a lot, but does not call the bottom of the zone as frequently as his peers.Between the two starters, Lesters most recent experience with Randazzo adds up to three starts in 2015, with 16? innings, 11 earned runs, 19 hits, 16 strikeouts and three walks. Randazzo has never been behind the plate for a Bauer start.A key thing to remember with Lester: The outside corner is important to him and to David Ross -- Ross gets a lot more strike calls than other catchers on outside-corner pitches. In his 11 best starts this season in terms of getting strike calls on outside pitches (outer third or off the corner), Lester had a 1.40 ERA (12 ER in 77 IP). He has a 2.95 ERA in his other starts. -- Mark Simon, ESPN Stats & InfoChoosing sides: Who will win??The Cubs havent had their moment yet in this series, and while I wouldnt go so far as to declare that theyll come back from this deficit, I do feel like the series is just getting started. In Game 5, they have a huge edge in the starter matchup, though as it has been through the series, its imperative that they get the early lead. The Cubs havent lost three straight since early July, and it wont happen Sunday. Its only a flesh wound. -- Bradford Doolittle Theres no way the Cubs can get swept at home, right? Right. I might be trying to convince myself of that, but Lester is usually up to the task while the Cubs face the one pitcher they beat in this series in Bauer. Plus, close-out games are really tough. The Cubs win on Sunday and then all bets are off.?-- Jesse Rogers?The Indians got what they came for -- two victories at Wrigley and a commanding lead in the series. And they should still feel good about their chances even after Lester -- every bit the postseason wizard that Cubs president Theo Epstein says he is -- outpitches the erratic Bauer in Game 5. -- Scott Lauber?The Indians have played incredibly well at Wrigley Field, but its too much to ask for Bauer to outpitch Lester, one of the best postseason pitchers of his generation. I think Bauer will be better than he was in Game 2 but not good enough to prevent the series from returning to Progressive Field. The Cubs will take Game 5 and force the Indians to try to wrap it up behind Josh Tomlin or Corey Kluber back in Cleveland. -- Jerry CrasnickWhere the series standsYou know where it stands! The Indians have sold out Progressive Field to watch a game being played at Wrigley Field. Game 6 would feature Jake Arrieta versus Josh Tomlin, but if the Cubs want to get back to Cleveland, theyll have to stop swinging at pitches outside the strike zone. Hope for Cubs fans: Five teams have rallied from a 3-1 deficit in the World Series. Hope for Indians fans: The last team to do that was the 1985 Royals.?-- Schoenfield Seth Curry Jersey . -- Los Angeles Lakers guard Jordan Farmar will be out for roughly four weeks after tearing his left hamstring. Jalen Brunson Jersey . -- Aldon Smith believes he is on the path to being sober for good. . Any real chance at payback wont come until the playoff. Still, Pittsburgh knows its taut 3-2 win over the Bruins on Wednesday night is a pretty good place to start laying the groundwork. "They are a very good defensive team," Penguins forward Brandon Sutter said. Steve Nash Jersey . PETERSBURG, Fla. Jason Kidd Jersey . -- The Missouri Tigers might not have a roster full of superstars. In the days before television coverage was a given at almost every international match anywhere in the world, many controversial incidents which would now be endlessly replayed and analysed were hardly even commented upon. It took something rather special to grab the headlines.One such incident took place on the second day - a Sunday - of the first Test between West Indies and England at Port-of-Spain in February 1974.The day was drawing to an end and the crowd, which had seen a magnificent hundred from Alvin Kallicharran guide West Indies to 274 for 6 in reply to Englands disappointing 131, were drifting home as Kallicharran, unbeaten on 142, and Bernard Julien blocked out the closing overs.The last ball was bowled by Derek Underwood to Julien who gently played a forward-defensive push past Tony Greig, who was fielding in his usual position of silly point, almost close enough that he could reach out and touch the batsman.Everyone assumed that was that for the day ... except Greig. Alan Knott, Englands wicketkeeper, flicked the bails off and uprooted the stumps, Julien turned towards the pavilion, and Kallicharran, who had backed up two or three yards at the non-strikers end, carried on walking down the pitch. But Greig turned, picked up the ball, and noticing that Kallicharran was out of his ground, threw down the stumps at the bowlers end. Douglas Sang Hue, the umpire at that end, had not called time, and after a few moments hesitation, he gave Kallicharran out.There was initial confusion. Greig clapped his hands and loped towards the dressing-rooms, there was a muted acceptance from the players after Kallicharran looked at Sang Hue, who shrugged his shoulders as if to show that he had no choice but to give him out. But those in the crowd who realised what had happened began to boo fiercely. As the wickets total on the scoreboard clicked over to seven, the row escalated.The radio commentators were at the same time analysing what had happened, and they concluded that as Knott had removed the stumps at the strikers end, then play was over, whether Sang Hue had called time or not. This was enough for the scoreboard operators, who replaced the seven in the wickets column with a six. Most of the spectators left the ground believing that Kallicharran had been reinstated.It wasnt that simple. A meeting involving the two captains, Donald Carr (Englands tour manager), the umpires, and representatives of the West Indian board was hastily convened in the Port-of-Spain pavilion as police patrolled the ground in case of trouble (as it happens, a small fire was started under one of the stands).The players, meanwhile, had changedd, and Greig was driven back to his hotel by Garry Sobers, on the assumption that while the crowd might want Greigs blood, they would not touch him while he was with a legend like Sobers.dddddddddddd There was no sign of tension between the two sets of players, either.At Queens Park Oval, however, the discussions were heated - but after more than two-and-a-half hours, common sense prevailed. Although Sang Hue stood by his decision, he was ultimately overruled but backed to the hilt for giving Kallicharran out.A hasty press conference was called and the assembled media were told that Mike Denness, Englands captain, and Carr had decided that in the interest of cricket as a whole, and the future of this tour in particular ... the appeal against the batsman be withdrawn. The statement also carried an apology from Greig, who in no way intended his instinctive actions to be contrary to the spirit of the game.What could have been a crisis was resolved by some sensible diplomacy and sound common sense. What is remarkable is that nobody came out of the whole episode badly, not even Greig. Some critics moaned that the reversal of the decision had been a result of mob rule, and fear that the crowds the next day - and throughout the series - might turn ugly. But with hindsight, reinstating Kallicharran was right given the circumstances. Sometimes it is all about the interpretation of the laws rather than the letter of them.The situation was further defused by the fact that the Monday was the scheduled rest day, and when play resumed on the Tuesday the matter had been discussed, dissected and done away with. Greig and Kallicharran publicly shook hands in the middle of the pitch before the resumption, and all was well.Kallicharran added only 16 more runs on the third morning, during which time he was dropped three times, all off the offspinner Pat Pocock, before holing out to him for 158. West Indies went on to win the match by seven wickets.As for Greig, it was not the last act of a highly controversial career, and not his last brush with the West Indies. By 1976 he had become Englands captain, and ahead of that summers home series against them, he uttered his infamous grovel jibe. The fallout from that lasted the whole tour.Is there an incident from the past you would like to know more about? E-mail us with your comments and suggestions.BibliographyTesting Time - Christopher Martin-Jenkins (Macdonald, 1974)My Story Tony Greig (Stanley Paul, 1980)The Cricketer April 1974Wisden Cricketers Almanack 1975 Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys China NFL Hoodies Cheap NFL Jerseys Camo Wholesale Jerseys 2019 NFL Jerseys Cheap Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic NFL Jerseys From China Discount NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Cheap NFL T-shirts Wholesale NFL Gear NFL Jerseys China NFL Jerseys Cheap Cheap Jerseys 2020 Cheap NFL Jerseys NFL Jerseys Cheap Cheap NFL Autographed Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Cheap Jerseys ' ' '

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