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23.10.2018 03:03
After reading "Insects", this Antworten

After reading "Insects", this book made me very fascinated. The original insect world has so many mysteries. I know: how to remove shells in the early morning; how ants eat the secretions of mites. I also figured out that the bee catches the green worm not as a son of his own, but to arrange food for his offspring...first time I saw "Insects", I was attracted to it by somehow. This is a science book describing the birth, labor, hunting and death of insects. From time to time, it will also make people laugh, just like following Fabre. Walking into nature, it made me enter a vivid insect world for the first time and explore the mysteries of insects in nature Marlboro Menthol 100S. When you open the book and look down, you will learn a lot: Fireflies have six short feet Cheap Cigarettes. They are insects that use small trotting. Although the firefly is weak, it is a carnivore. It is a "hunter" hunting for game. beetle is the chief culprit in destroying the trunk. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, they hide in the trunk and absorb nutrients. They use semi-circular chiseled, unfounded, black and short but very strong upper jaws to excavate the passage and use the excavated debris as food Marlboro Gold Pack. is a very ferocious animal, but in the early days of its own life, it will also be sacrificed under the claws of the smallest ant. If you don't look at its deadly hunting tools, you are not terrible: the slim figure is wearing a pretty shirt, showing an elegant pale green, and the long wings that resemble Sharo, really like a beautiful girl. .e are also how pine caterpillars lay eggs and hatch, how do animals commit suicide, how strong the venom of Languedoc scorpion, a Languedoc scorpion and a scorpion tarantula are poisonous Who will eat the thorn insects, what is the food of Jin storyline made me think. Looking at it, these worms seem to jump out of the book Cigarettes For Sale. In the past, I didn't like insects in nature very much. I thought that all insects are bad things Marlboro Lights. Since I read this "Insects", I found that I like insects. I don't hate insects as before. Sometimes I will also carefully look at the insects. Since I have mastered a lot of knowledge about insects, most of the insect names are now almost ok. I really appreciate this delicate and profound genius, thinking with philosophers, art. The general observation, the general narrative of the writers opened a door to the insect world, and it is the key to the science gate. I once again touched nature and understood the mysteries of insects in reading the book "Insects", I understand that insects in nature also have their habits. We should not hate them. Try to touch them, and you will involuntarily like insects. The spirit of Fabre makes me very inspired: we should have the courage and perseverance to pursue the truth, and we should be interested in what we are interested in, as long as we believe in our ability and maximize our potential. Even if your pursuit is boring, lonely, and boring to others, as long as you have perseverance and confidence, you can create miracles.

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