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by Chen Shilei

BEIJING Blake Wheeler Hoodie , Nov. 11 (Xinhua) -- Nearly a month after airing a racist talk show skit which enraged the Chinese people in U.S. and worldwide, American Broadcasting Company (ABC) issued a formal apology on its website.

As the broadcaster promised, such senseless and foolish farce would and should never happen again.

Such offensive words not only hurt the feelings of all Chinese people, but also damaged the very interest of America itself.

As a multi-racial nation built from the melting pot of immigrants from all around the world Patrik Laine Jets Jersey , such remarks wouldn't do any good to the country's social cohesiveness.

If racist comments are allowed to put on a public display as the ABC show did, there is a risk of a resurge of racism. Any minority race like Chinese Americans, could be targets of various forms of discrimination.

If the mainstream U.S. media outlets are serious about the future of their country, they should avoid a repeat of ABC's error.

Through hard-working of many generations Blake Wheeler Jets Jersey , Chinese Americans now have higher education and income levels than average Americans, but their small share in the overall population still makes them easy targets of racism.

On the other hand, some observers point out that racism against Chinese has something to do with the lack of self-confidence among some Americans who see China's rapid social and economic progress as a threat.

To dispel such misunderstandings, media outlets in both nations should promote goodwill and trust between the two peoples Cheap Patrik Laine Jersey , espeically the future generations between the two sides.

Demonizing the other side or fanning up racism should be the least desirable thing to do. It would not only poison one of the world's most important bilateral relationships which much of the world's prosperity counts on, but hinder the process of building a new-type major country relationship beteween the world's two largest economies.

Is your boss driving you nuts?

Are the customers causing your stress levels to sky rocket?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the demands life places on you?

Are you contemplating visiting the shrink?

You could see the shrink, or you could simply go for a run.

Most people take up running in order to lose weight.

Yes, it works. Running daily Cheap Blake Wheeler Jersey , with a sensible diet can help you shed the pounds. After all, you burn more calories running than you might cycling or swimming or engaging in most sports.

On top of that, running is a very convenient sport. All you need is a good pair of running shoes.

One reason why many people continue running is not so much for weight control as for stress control and for better mental health.

Let s start with stress control.

Back in the days where people lived in caves, our ancestors reaction to stress the flight or fight response Authentic Patrik Laine Jersey , kept them alive.

Think about it. When you live in a cave and have to hunt for food, what kind of stress do you have?

Running into a cave lion?
The adenaline pumping in your veins ready you to run for your life.

The other predators trying to steal away the meat you are drying for future meals?
The stress reaction, with adrenaline boosting your strength help you fight them off so that you get to keep your food.

Hunting for food?
The thrill of the hunt is a positive form of stress, which again Authentic Blake Wheeler Jersey , gets adrenaline levels high so you have more speed and strength to hunt down your prey.

Fast forward to these modern times.
We are exposed to low level stresses most of the time.

Late for work.
Caught in the traffic jam.
Long queue to get your breakfast.
Unhappy customer causing problems for you.
Nasty bosses yelling at you.

How does the flight or fight response work here?
You can t punch your boss. Nor can you run away from the customer.
You just have to grin and bear it.
The natural outlet for these pent up stresses just won t work. Or would it?

You can always run. Not there and then, but later, when time permits.
Running is a natural release for stress.
At the end of the day, you can go for an evening jog and sweat it out Patrik Laine Jersey , and release the stress that has been building up all day long.

Running also helps with some stress related problems.

People with chronic stress levels all the time are at a higher risk of burn out, high blood pressure and irritability or depression.

Runners tend to have lower blood pressure. Running boosts the mood because of the endorphins released during the run.

Running gives you reprieve from perpetual stress that can otherwise lead to burn out.

When problems crop up, or when you feel overwhelmed, a long run takes you away from the clutter in your life and lets you think in peace.

Running is therapeutic. It helps you sort out your life without spending money on hourly rates on the shrink s couch.There are times when seeking help from a shrink is necessary Blake Wheeler Jersey , but for most of the stresses of daily life, running helps you cope pretty well.

SYDNEY, Nov. 15 (Xinhua) -- Australian footballer Lucas Neill will fight to retain the Socceroos' captaincy before the international friendly match against Costa Rica in Sydney on November 19, local media reported on Friday.

There is speculation that Neill will be stripped of the Socceroos' captaincy and teammates Tim Cahill and Mark Bresciano are in line for the role.

Neill told reporters in Sydney on Friday that the speculation has gone on a bit too long.

"But it's a big topic in our sport and I guess the one thing we can say is that football has made more headlines in the last couple of months than perhaps a couple of years ago New Winnipeg Jets Jerseys ," he said.

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