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31.10.2018 08:31
I have a classmate who is n Antworten

I have a classmate who is named "Zhu" and "Zhi Qing" Cigarettes Cheaper. Is it familiar? He is "Zhu Zhiqing" instead of the great writer "Zhu Ziqing"! Although he and the name of the great writer are only one word apart, his homonym "pig" named "Zhu" makes him feel uncomfortable.rst, although he is a "pig", he is not embarrassed.oon, Zhou Yuchen brought a bucket of popcorn Marlboro Red. We swarmed and robbed Zhou Yuchen's popcorn. Zhu Zhiqing was indifferent and continued to read his book.cond, although he is a "pig", he is not lazy. day, our big class arrived, because we didn't do exercises, so we all walked out of the classroom and went out to play. But Zhu Zhiqing sat firmly on the stool and wrote his homework. "Hey! Pig, go play table tennis!" I walked over and patted him. He didn't respond. I took him a few more times. He turned his head and said, "Go and play! I have to write. Homework!"rd, although he is a "pig", he has a belly say that the previous few months of the test, he not only kept his position in the top six, but actually moved forward a few. Also, the ancient poetry problem that the teacher gave us to do, I know very little, but Zhu Ziqing knows a lot. about it? This is my pig classmate. He is not lazy and has a stomach ink. Would you like me to introduce referrals for you?e upon a time there was a story: a pair of twins, one day after returning home at noon, said to their mother: "Mom, today we are the most beautiful mother in the class, you are elected!" Mom asked them: "How to be elected?" Say: "All the students choose their mother Marlboro Gold, we two people choose you, of course you are elected!" After reading this story, you may smile, but think carefully, this is true, every mother is I love my own, let me talk about what happened between my mother and me.ere was heavy rain, I was still at school, and the people in the school were gone. I thought that my mother would not pick me up. I was holding my schoolbag and I was going to run home, but I just ran. When I left the school Newport 100S, I saw my mother picking up an umbrella and I ran over. At that time, my face did not know whether it was rain or tears. March 8 Women's Day, I bought a bunch of flowers for my mother, and my mother excitedly picked me up. I grew up day by day in my mother's arms. After I grow up Marlboro Gold Pack, I will definitely repay my mother.

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