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13.11.2018 04:40
On the day when the freshma Antworten

On the day when the freshman entered school, I entered the class of Teacher Li. On the afternoon of the release of the textbook, I entered the classroom and saw a few beautiful fonts on the blackboard: welcome new students Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes. Looking up, Teacher Zhang, standing in the class, stood on the podium and said to all of us: "Classmates, welcome to one (1) class. I hope that everyone will live in harmony and make progress together and maintain one (1) class. Family! Can everyone do this?�� After listening to this sentence Newport Carton, the whole class responded to the teacher in unison and said, ��Yes!�� Teacher Li said: ��Good! I am relieved to see the he process of sending the textbook Newport Cigarettes Carton Price, I volunteered to say: "Teacher! Teacher! I also want to help with the textbook!" Teacher Li saw my little hand raised high, his face smiled and thought for a while. , said to me: "Yes, classmates. But the textbook is a bit heavy, or you can help tape?" I have a little reluctant Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes, but I think: the teacher gave me a good deal. What does it send? So he went to the podium. Teacher Li gave me a lot of tapes. After I got them, I ran straight and gave them to my classmates one by one. I remember many students were jealous of me at the time! The scene at the time is still fresh in my mind.piness may be a look, maybe an ovember 4th, on an ordinary day, I will usher in a turning point in my life - 12 years old. On this day, I was surrounded by happiness, which made me the only regret, my brother did not come to see. Because my brother went to college in Beijing, he didn't come. Accompanied by the partners and parents, everyone blows out the candles. When I blow out the last candle, I silently make a wish. I hope that I can get a blessing from my brother! I also hope that this wish can be realized. At this time, the mobile phone rang, and I quickly ran out to see it. I opened the message and it was my brother��s text message. I was moved and couldn't speak. My brother in the text message wished me a happy birthday. These simple words made me happy in a moment, reminding me of my brother's smiling face. This sentence is more sincere than a gift, sweeter than honey. My piness is actually very simple, but some people say that it is difficult to get happiness. Life is like a five-flavored bottle. Some people may be able to see the sweetness and bitterness inside, and the happiness mplain about too many troubles in life, life is not happy. friend! Please slow down your steps Cheap Online Cigarettes, widen your eyes, and find your own happiness! Maybe happiness is at that moment.

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