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13.11.2018 04:40
When I was a child, I grew up Antworten

When I was a child, I grew up in the countryside and I was looking forward to the holidays. The Spring Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival are the two most valued festivals in the hometown. Perhaps it is because the living standard is relatively low at that time, and the family will improve the life only when the festival is over; perhaps it is a holiday during the holiday season, and there will always be some entertainment activities, and you can play a game with great pain; perhaps both There is. In short, it is adults who are busy during the holidays. But the adults are busy, and every time they have a holiday, they have a feeling of relaxation. Of course, the happiest thing is our carefree children Newport Cigarettes the Spring Festival, although it coincides with slack farming, it always feels busy every year. The Mid-Autumn Festival alone gives a special joy Newport Cigarette, a peace of mind, a special desire. I remembered it later, it seems that the mood is different Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes. the mood of the Mid-Autumn Festival. That is both the savings of harvest and the beginning of harvest. It is said that she is a savings, because it is only a short time after the summer harvest. It is said that she is the beginning, because the autumn is taking her fruitful footsteps to meet, and it is the joy of harvesting people's heart. I think that only those who have experienced the experience of rural life will have this kind of emotion, mood and deep feelings.ike the mood of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Under the round moonlight, round moon cakes, apples are cooked, and pears, grapes and other fruits are also on the market. In the moonlight, people taste the festive food and talk about the harvest. While enjoying the moon, I miss my loved ones in a foreign land. The so-called: "Every time the festive season is prepared."ike the mood of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Every year, my mother will personally give us moon cakes to eat. The mooncakes made by my mother look like big cakes Newport Cigarettes Types, very thick, fresh noodles, fresh stuffing. Whether it is steamed or branded, there are moon patterns carved out of the farmer's big bowl, among which are the petals of the osmanthus carving. Stuffing, also very special, the main ingredient is red pond, which contains some sesame, red silk, nuts, raisins or something. The newly made moon cake, steamed, soft and delicious, suitable for the elderly; branded, outside Jiao Li Nen, young people have a soft spot. You see Marlboro Lights Carton, the mooncakes that come up from the new end are steaming, and it��s so mouth-watering!y years have passed, although the moon cakes on the market are full of variety, all kinds of fruits and nuts are available, but I still like to eat mooncakes made by my mother. Although the pattern of the moon cake does not change much, the pattern is always so clear, so uniform, so beautiful. So when I catch up with the Mid-Autumn Festival, I have to eat two big pieces. I feel so sweet and e level of pe, in addistive days, the Chinese always drink a little. In the past, most of them were high-alcoholic liquors such as Erguotou. Nowadays, the national banquets such as Renma and Maotai are also on the table of the people. These all indicate the rise of the motherland's economy, and the people's days are booming. After more than 20 years of reform and opening up, Xiaokang life is no longer a plan and vision on the blueprint, but has gradually EveryMid-Autumn Festival this year will be more round and clearer. I hope that my relatives will become healthier and my hometown will become more beautiful and richer. I also hope that the motherland will be more prosperous and prosper

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