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21.11.2018 09:45
People in life have to Antworten

People in life have to care about each other. Then let me tell you a strange sister and me! a cold winter, I went to the railway bureau for extracurricular classes. When I walked to the station, I remembered that I had not taken the money out, so I put my hand in the cold pocket and felt it, but it was empty. I didn't have any money. I was in a hurry to find out that although it was very cold outside, I was sweating near me, sweat dripping down like a faucet. Just then a big sister came over and said softly to me: "What happened to your little sister?" I looked at my older sister and said, "I lost a dollar in the car." This is the big sister immediately from the bag. I took out a dollar and handed it to me and said, "Hold it!" At this time, I waited for the car to come Newports 100. I said loudly to my older sister: "Thank you, big sister, I should go, goodbye!r I got on the bus, I found that my older sister was also on the bus. The ground on the car was particularly slippery. I almost fell down several times. It wasr, a seated person next to her sister got off the bus, and my sister asked me to come over and sit down Newport 100S Price. I haven't waited for me to say, "Sister still sit down!" My sister took me to the seat. I looked at my sister. My sister smiled sweetly at me and said, "Where are you going?" I said, "I am going to the railway bureau." Big sister said, "I also go to the railway bureau." So nice!" We both laughed together. When I got to the station, my sister went down first. I followed her behind. The person behind me suddenly squeezed. Because my heart was unstable, I went down. This is my sister saved me with her warm arms. I didn��t fall. .hough the older sister only gave me a dollar, it contained a lot of warmth.king of leopards, everyone must not dare to be unfamiliar! However, we also have a "little leopard" in our class Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping. Do you want to know?man is a taller class. He has big eyes and a pair of glasses in front of his eyes. Therefore, the classmates in the class called him "glasses brother"!say his skills, that's great! Such as: painting, calligraphy, composition, running... everything will be; to say that his most powerful is still racing!ember that there was a school sports meeting Cheap Cigarette. The teacher asked the students to select a good running master to go to the 600-meter running competition Cheap Cigs Online Free Shipping. No one expected that the classmates shouted out the name of this capable person.the scene of the game, the cheerleaders cheered. The athletes stared at the commander's pistol.nshots wanted to order, and the athletes felt like a leopard, and they had already flew far away. Looking from afar, the other "leopards" are still some distance away from the "leopard" of our class.y, not far from the end, his cat waisted, tiptoe, rushed forward, the red line at the end finally broke him, and our class had another honor!g said that, everyone must know who this "leopard" is. He is the propaganda committee member of our class and also my good friend - Wu Zehan!

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