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a platform. The compendium store sells merchandise and content provided by community members in order to raise funds for events Antworten

The growth of Smash events has provided unique challenges for event coordinators. Within the past five years alone, viewership has blossomed from the hundreds to the thousands. Although this is a boon for the Smash community, this also raises concerns about the stability of the scene. How will coordinators, for example, sustain the ecosystem while nurturing the growth of scene?In lieu of these challenges, the Smash community launched its own compendium for events utilizing as a platform. The compendium store sells merchandise and content provided by community members in order to raise funds for events. Events like Genesis and The Big House use these profits to fund extra perks, such as all-day friendly rooms, flights and accommodations for top players, as well as larger prize pots for the winners. Over the past two years, the compendium has quickly grown as the fundraising platform for Smash events.The necessity of crowdfundingFor many players, the compendium has been integral to helping them travel to major events. Many esports teams have added top Smash players, but there are still many players that have to cover their own travel costs. Mustafa Ice Akcakaya, a top-15 player from Germany, reflects on the compendium:The compendiums have been a great help to me, he said. And I thank the community for supporting me to go to events that I would have not been able to otherwise.In previous years, events were much more manageable for grassroots Smash organizers. Robin Harn, the event coordinator of The Big House series, ran the first Big House tournament in 2011 by hosting115 players in a University of Michigan ballroom. Since then -- thanks in part to the Smash Documentary that ignited the growing interest in Smash -- attendance has skyrocketed.Unfortunately, scalability becomes a larger concern. Smash events have grown beyond card shops and college classrooms, as organizers now have to turn to hotel ballrooms and convention centers. Production costs have also skyrocketed, now that high-quality streams, videos and peripheral content become essential to events. Harn and several others have realized that crowdfunding remains a popular option for other industries.Through a collaborative effort with other organizers and, Harn helped launch The Big House compendium, an online store and content platform that supports community goals and provides more resources for events. Last year, The Big House 5 compendium added $12,000 to the prize pool, funded the regional crew battles and provided flights for international players.Overall, the goal is to empower, whether its a top player needing help to attend or a content creator who wants more eyes on their work. Tournaments such as Big House are so big yet grassroots. There is still no financial support from Nintendo, which is why the compendium style efforts are so valuable, said Harn.As Shantanu Talapatra, the CEO of, explained, Most other organizations focus on a top-down approach. We want to enable the esports market from a bottoms-up standpoint, where tournament organizers, content creators and players can use our platform as a resource to grow their tournaments, sales and branding.Improvements to the compendiumThe compendium hasnt been without issues, as many complained about how the earlier compendium operated. In older iterations, the event organizers predetermined the reward levels of compendiums and many community members complained that their money was going toward rewards they had no interest in. Others have complained about compendium fatigue, which is when the novelty of the compendium quickly wears off as the community becomes less enthused about buying similar items.In regard to the long term sustainability of compendiums, Harn stated, Sustaining Smash majors is still going to require eventual investment from sponsors or developers. Even if compendiums are not the answer long term, theyre a big help for now. As long as organizers create a compendium platform that empowers the free market of the Smash community, then we can get buy-in from all parties, whether its the players, spectators or content creators.While the compendium might not last forever, the community feedback helped Talapatra redesign several aspects of the compendium. Now, the community votes via Twitter to determine which players are supported with funding. Reward levels are no longer predetermined, as buyers can now allocate profits to a specific reward. The compendium continues to improve its store with unique items. The Big House 6 compendium, for example, offers top player lessons, customized GameCubes, signed controllers and top player trading cards.The benefits of the compendiumThe compendium has enabled many stakeholders of the Smash community. Aspiring content creators have an avenue to connect with a large fan base to sell their items and increase their exposure. Top players have opportunities to travel to events that they previously could not afford. Event coordinators have larger budgets to provide extra benefits for attendees. And viewers at home are treated to a much greater experience. Although the format isnt perfect yet, its a step in the right direction. Yeezys For Sale Cheap . The home side created most of the chances but struggled to break down Braunschweigs resilient defence, resulting in the Bundesligas 1,000th scoreless draw. Cheap Authentic Yeezys Shoes . The deal is pending a physical, assistant general manager Bobby Evans said. Traded from Seattle to Baltimore on Aug. 30, Morse also can play first base and right field to give manager Bruce Bochy some flexibility in writing his lineup. . -- Peyton Manning will have all of his wide receivers available for the first time in a month when the Denver Broncos begin their playoff run Jan. Real Cheap Yeezys For Sale . Manuel was offered a position the day he was fired. He accepted earlier this week and the team made the announcement Friday. Cheap Yeezys Wholesale . Clarke was injured while practicing on the Doha Golf Club range after the pro-am on Tuesday. The Northern Irishman arrived at the course on Wednesday hoping to start, but after hitting a few balls on the practice putting green Clarke advised officials he was not fit to play. RIO DE JANEIRO -- Taking the Olympics to Rio de Janeiro was always considered a bit of a risk. Now that South Americas first games are drawing to a close, the question is: Did the gamble pay off?The answer, according to experienced Olympic officials and experts, is a mixed bag.Yes, Brazil managed to pull it off under difficult economic and political conditions, with the sports competitions, venues, athletes, friendly hosts, television images and Rios scenic backdrops all rising to the occasion.Yet, behind the scenes, these were also troubled Olympics that fell short in other areas -- empty seats, ticket fiascos, organizational mishaps, spread-out venues, green water, street crime, traffic chaos and lack of a clear Olympic feel in the parks.The Olympics on TV are never the same as the Olympics on site. Thats been the case more than ever this time, reminiscent of the 1996 Games in Atlanta, where great sporting moments contrasted with lost buses, failures in the technology system and other off-the-field problems.This has been probably a little below the expectations of the experts, but will have televised well for the 99.9 percent of the population of the world that experiences the Olympics, senior Canadian IOC member Dick Pound said.International Olympic Committee vice president John Coates of Australia acknowledged the games have not run as smoothly as desired.Its been difficult, he said. To be fair, some of that was because of the economic and political background on which the games are being held.For Olympic historian David Wallechinsky, attending his 17th games, the shortage of volunteers, lack of Olympic signage and other logistical glitches have outweighed the well-run competitions and welcoming Brazilian people.I think these games will be seen in the continuum of Atlanta, Athens, Rio -- the ones that didnt work out, he said. One just hopes the lessons are learned.But the games must also be judged from a local perspective. Many Brazilians and Rio residents -- known as Cariocas -- will feel pride over how theyve put on the worlds biggest sports event and will cherish their moments on the global stage.And, for the host country, the games are ending on a delirious high- with a gold medal in mens soccer. Brazilian fans wanted more than anything to finally win the top Olympic prize that has eluded them in their national sport.Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes said the Olympics have been a catalyst for building new public transport lines and renovating the port area, insisting that no white elephants will be left behind. Comparing Rio to the richer cities that lost out for the 2016 Games would be misguided, he said.We come from a tropical experience, the Latin ways of Brazil, which sometimes made the IOC members a little bit crazy, Paes said. If you want to be fair to Rio, you cannot compare us to Tokyo, to Chicago, to Madrid. These are cities that have much better infrastructure. They come from developed countries. You have to compare Rio to Rio.When Rio was chosen as host city seven years ago, IOC members were convinced the time had come to take the games to South America. Brazil was a rising economic forcce at the time.dddddddddddd But local organizers quickly fell behind in preparations and were forced into an Athens-like mad dash to catch up.Then, over the last two years, the economy plummeted into its worst recession in 80 years, the country was engulfed by a massive corruption scandal centering on the state-run oil company Petrobras, and the president was suspended and sent for impeachment.Its also a games in the middle of reality, not organized in a bubble, IOC President Thomas Bach said Saturday. They were games in a city where there are social problems and social divisions. ... The IOC has shown that it is possible to organize games also in countries which are not at the top of the GDP rankings.The athletes produced the goods -- Bolt with three more gold medals to take his career tally to nine, Michael Phelps with five more golds for a total of 23, and gymnast Simone Biles with four golds. But the games also were marred by the bad behavior -- and concocted stories -- of Ryan Lochte and his U.S. swimming teammates.For all the drumbeat of bad news in the months ahead of the Olympics, two of the biggest issues caused barely a ripple. The Zika virus, which had led some scientists to call for the games to be postponed or moved, was hardly mentioned. Worries over Rios sewage-filled waters did not hamper the competitions, with only a handful of athletes falling ill.Elsewhere, there were embarrassing setbacks, mostly during the first week: the green water that marred the diving and water polo events; the windows of a media bus shattered in an attack; foreign team officials and government ministers mugged in the street; volunteers who never showed up or just quit.Its just not acceptable with seven years in advance not to signs ready, not to have volunteers who know anything, as friendly as they may be, Wallechinsky said.Arguably the most damaging drawback was the lingering issue of empty seats. Some venues, such as tennis, basketball, swimming and gymnastics, drew good crowds and produced a lively atmosphere. But others suffered from lesser turnouts and lack of buzz. The track and field stadium was a quarter- or half-full for some sessions; the stands were not even completely packed for Usain Bolts gold medal races.The long distances and travel times between the three main venue clusters meant there was no single area where large, colorful crowds could congregate and produce a Carnival atmosphere.For the future, Olympic officials believe greater oversight and concrete benchmarks are needed to make sure organizers are on time and delivering as promised. Pound said the IOC and international federations should carry out a forensic analysis after Rio on what worked, what didnt and why.Going forward, the IOC has to learn from the experience in Rio if it wants to take the games to places other than settled, affluent cosmopolitan cities, IOC vice president Craig Reedie said. We should train the city well in advance. 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