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03.01.2019 03:46
I know that tolerance is a Antworten

I know that tolerance is a foot that flattens the violet, but it leaves the scent on the heel. This is tolerance. The wind blows the pages of the book, and the word "tolerance" comes into view. The sea is full of rivers, the virtues are loaded with objects, the infamous fame and fortune, the tranquility and far-reaching. What is tolerance? I am thinking deeply. In the middle of the day, I was brought into a dilapidated church in France. I saw Jean Valjean, who was detained by the police, and deplored the tragic ending he would be sentenced to death. However, There was a gentle and decisive voice in the ear: "Mr. Policeman, the candlestick in the hand of this gentleman is not a steal Cheap Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes, it is a gift I gave him." Just like the cloudy sky, the sun shines, illuminate Jean Valjean��s atrium, tolerance, changed his life. The line of sight is blurred, I am in another picture, witnessed the sin of Lian Po Danger Of Newport Cigarettes, and when he cried with the singer and vowed to protect Zhao Guo, I gradually understood the power of tolerance. Looking for a burst of flowers, I came to a small temple. A late monk quietly looked at the open door. He knew that an uninvited guest was visiting. When the empty thief came out of the temple, he stuffed it. To the thief's arms, and said: "Little brother, I am too poor, there is nothing for you, this can cover you some wind and rain!" Looking at the thief hurriedly running away, he looked up and looked at the moon in the sky Buy Cigaretes Marlboro. He said: "I really want to give this round of the moon to him too." A few days later, on another night of high moonlight, the old monk saw the washing clean and finely packed outside the temple. The old monk folded and folded, and the old monk held the squat tightly in his arms and looked at the bright moon and said with gratitude: "It seems that he has received the bright moon that I gave him." A gust of wind brought The fragrance of flowers immediately. The angel flew away. I picked up a feather that fell. The words on the top line shimmered: "Write someone else's fault on the sand and engrave the benefits of others in the heart Wholesale Cigarettes Marlboro." I return to reality, I am filled with emotions Wholesale Cigerattes. The connotation of tolerance has long been engraved in my heart, and I finally understood the connotation of tolerance. Tolerance is like water, and the models wipe out the scars of each other; they are like water, and gradually melt into each other's ice. With a tolerant heart, you can be an angel to save the fallen soul. "The broadest thing in the world is the ocean. The sky is wider than the ocean. The wider than the sky is the human mind." When I tasted Hugo, I smiled sweetly... Tolerance - the bridge of life Heart blame, then wide; self-interested, good, and tolerant; tolerance - the bridge of life! ����Inscription tolerance is a beam of sunlight that illuminates in the

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