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CAPITALS 1RALEIGH, N.C. -- Rookie Sebastian Aho scored his first two NHL goals, Jordan Staal had a goal and three assists and Ca Antworten

Everybody has a quarterback, but not everybody really, truly loves their quarterback. There are 32 NFL teams, but there arent 32 men walking the earth who can play this position and inspire total confidence in their coaches, their teammates and their fans.With that in mind, we take a quarter-mark look at our QB Confidence Index -- ranking the NFLs teams according to how much confidence each has in its overall quarterback situation. That includes the starter and the backup plan, so please remember that before sending your angry tweets.Here is how the QB Confidence Index looks through Week 4 of the 2016 season. Ive also included each teams preseason rating so you can see how things have changed.1. New England PatriotsQB Confidence Index: 9.9 | Previous rating: 9.6The preseason rating accounted for Tom Bradys absence, which is a thing of the past. In the meantime, they found out Jimmy Garoppolo can keep things humming if something happens to Brady. The Patriots are my clear No. 1 with Brady back from suspension and Garoppolo on the mend.2. Seattle SeahawksQB Confidence Index: 9.6 | Previous rating: 9.1Questions about Trevone Boykin as a backup have faded in importance as starter Russell Wilson has made it clear he cannot be defeated with conventional weapons. Wilson has played through ankle and knee sprains and should only get better as he heals.3. Green Bay PackersQB Confidence Index: 9.3 | Previous rating: 9.8The teensiest little wobble here, as Aaron Rodgers has played only three games but ranks a puzzling 25th in the league in yards per pass attempt. Hes still reliable -- seven touchdowns and only one interception -- but the vertical game is an issue for some reason, and thats cause for a dip.4. Pittsburgh SteelersQB Confidence Index: 9.1 | Previous rating: 9.1Nothing has changed here since the preseason. Ben Roethlisberger?is currently?tied for the league lead with 11 touchdown passes even though he had one game in which he didnt throw any. Hes exactly what the Steelers thought he was, though hes still (as always) a bit of a health risk.5. New Orleans SaintsQB Confidence Index: 9.1 | Previous rating: 8.5Im still worried about the backup situation if something happens to Drew Brees. But as with Wilson, theres no reason to think anything ever will. Brees has missed just three starts due to injury since 2004. No quarterback has to do more week-to-week to overcome a soul-crushing defense. He deserves a little boost after his first win.6. Atlanta FalconsQB Confidence Index: 8.9 | Previous rating: 8.1Matt Ryan is out of his mind right now, tied with Big Ben for that league-leading 11 touchdowns and more than 200 yards ahead of Brees for the top yardage mark. Ryans issue last year was red zone interceptions, and those are under control so far as he has the Falcons off to yet another hot start.7. Cincinnati BengalsQB Confidence Index: 8.4 | Previous rating: 8.3What? Confidence? In Andy Dalton? You betcha. Yes, I know he has only three touchdown passes so far, but this is an eye-test deal. Dalton looks just like he did last year minus red-zone buddy Tyler Eifert, wholl be back soon.8. San Diego ChargersQB Confidence Index: 8.2 | Previous rating: 8.2Philip Rivers has lost Keenan Allen, Antonio Gates and Danny Woodhead since the season began. Hes fifth in passer rating and seventh in QBR. He and Brees must call each other all the time to talk about the latest way their defense let a game get away.9. New York GiantsQB Confidence Index: 7.9 | Previous rating: 8.2The Giants have total confidence in Eli Mannings ability to answer the bell every week, just as the Chargers do with Rivers, the Falcons with Ryan, the Seahawks with Wilson, etc. But that late interception against Washington was an ugly reminder of what keeps Mannings confidence rating from jetting up into that top tier.10. Carolina PanthersQB Confidence Index: 7.8 | Previous rating: 9.3Cam Newton is the reigning MVP and would be a fine bet to rebound from a rough start ... if he wasnt also the official pi?ata of the National Football League. The Panthers faith in Newtons ability to last the season has to have waned over the past month. Hes now in concussion protocol, and Derek Anderson?showed why hes a backup with two late-game interceptions Sunday.11. Indianapolis ColtsQB Confidence Index: 7.8 | Previous rating: 7.8Literally nothing about the season Andrew Luck and the Colts are having is a surprise. His completion percentage is actually better than ever, even though he somehow has been sacked 15 times. If they could protect him, Luck would be an MVP candidate. But they cant, so here they sit.12. Oakland RaidersQB Confidence Index: 7.8 | Previous rating: 6.3Now, Derek Carr?... Heres a young man who has given his team reason for improved confidence. Fourth in passer rating, sixth in QBR, 68.0 completion rate with nine touchdowns and one interception: brilliant stuff, worthy of his teams confidence. And theyre returning the favor, as the Raiders monster offensive line has allowed only two sacks so far. Carr is set up to succeed.13. Arizona CardinalsQB Confidence Index: 7.6 | Previous rating: 8.6You cant lay all of Arizonas offensive struggles at the feet of Carson Palmer, but he didnt look like himself out there even before Sundays concussion. Drew Stanton could get a nice chance Thursday against the pillowy 49ers to show why the Cardinals should be confident in their backup.14. Baltimore RavensQB Confidence Index: 7.3 | Previous rating: 6.9Yeah, old Joe Flacco just keeps Flaccoing along, chucking it like crazy to a cast-off group of wide receivers. Mike Wallace one week, Steve Smith the next. Only Brees and Jameis Winston have put more balls in the air this year, but each has thrown more than twice as many touchdowns as Flacco. Whether Flaccos career ends next month or 10 years from now, everybody is going to say, Oh yeah. That guy.15. Detroit LionsQB Confidence Index: 6.4 | Previous rating: 6.4Were getting exactly what we expected out of Matthew Stafford, too. Some of these dudes just are who they are. Stafford is humming along at 300 yards a game, throwing it to Marvin Jones and Theo Riddick and not winning games. Hes squarely in the Least of Their Problems QB basket.16. Minnesota VikingsQB Confidence Index: 6.3 | Previous rating: 4.5Volatility has been the name of the Vikings QB game, with Teddy Bridgewater blowing out his knee right before the season, Sam Bradford coming over from Philly and Shaun Hill starting Week 1 because Bradford had just gotten there. But not only is Bradford delivering the way theyd hoped, they won the season opener with Hill. The Vikings have confidence it will be OK once everything settles down.17. Philadelphia EaglesQB Confidence Index: 6.3 | Previous rating: 3.8On the preseason QB Confidence Index, some clown wrote, Carson Wentz almost certainly isnt ready for this, and the Eagles are clearly in rebuild, and theyd better be confident they wont wreck Wentz by playing him before hes ready. Who was that guy? Moron. Good thing hes not writing this column anymore. You guys are lucky I came along to clean things up. Wentzs three-game sample size is all kinds of promising, and Chase Daniel is still as good a backup as any in the league.18. Dallas CowboysQB Confidence Index: 6.3 | Previous rating: 2.7Dak Prescott was the 135th pick in this years draft, and in no universe did the Cowboys expect him to be ready to win three NFL games this season. But he has. And while the Tony-Romo-as-Wally-Pipp talk is exclusively external and has no support within the Cowboys building, Dallas is plum excited to have finally have a guy who can win games for them when Tony is hurt. Big confidence jump here.19. Chicago BearsQB Confidence Index: 6.1 | Previous rating: 7.8The preseason rating was too high; sorry about that. But it was based on the idea of Brian Hoyer as the leagues top backup, and Sundays win with Hoyer at the helm seemed to bear that out somewhat. Ill buy the idea of Hoyer keeping the job once Jay Cutler is healthy before Ill buy Prescott keeping his once Romo is back.20. Denver BroncosQB Confidence Index: 6.0 | Previous rating: 3.3Got to hand it to young Trevor Siemian. I thought he was a caretaker, placeholder, whatever, until he aired out the Bengals in Week 3 and showed why Denver had so much preseason confidence in him. Hes hurt now, but the 4-0 defending champs dont seem to care much whos taking the snaps, do they?21. Jacksonville JaguarsQB Confidence Index: 5.3 | Previous rating: 6.1The alarm bells arent sounding for Blake Bortles yet, but the plastic cover is open and the Jaguars thumb is hovering over the button. With six interceptions to go with seven touchdowns and a 1-3 record, Bortles doesnt seem to be taking the jump many expected of him in 2016, which could spell trouble for his coaches.22. Tampa Bay BuccaneersQB Confidence Index: 5.3 | Previous rating: 5.3Confident enough to allow Jameis Winston to throw a league-leading 177 passes so far, the Bucs cant draw much confidence from the fact that he completed only 103 of them, or that eight have been caught by opponents. Long term, the Bucs have confidence in Winston as their franchise quarterback. But hes young and he looks it.23. WashingtonQB Confidence Index: 5.1 | Previous rating: 5.1Had we done this update after two weeks, Kirk Cousins performance would have sunk his rating toward the bottom. But he has rebounded, which means his evaluation hasnt changed since the preseason: He does enough to give Washington hope, but not yet enough to give it confidence.24. Kansas City ChiefsQB Confidence Index: 5.1 | Previous rating: 5.1Alex Smith is actually playing about as well as can be expected. Which puts him right around this spot. Hes fourth in the league in pass attempts, has completed 64.9 percent of them and, like a few others on this list, isnt among his teams biggest problems. Hes just not going to elevate them very high.25. Buffalo BillsQB Confidence Index: 4.5 | Previous rating: 4.5We didnt think the Bills would ask Tyrod Taylor to do much, and they havent. Hes 24th in pass attempts, 25th in yards and tied for 20th in touchdown passes. If they really had confidence in him, hed throw more.26. Tennessee TitansQB Confidence Index: 4.4 | Previous rating: 4.4Growing-pains year so far for young Marcus Mariota, whos tied for 25th in completion percentage and dead last in Total QBR. He carries his teams long-term confidence but hasnt done much to make the Titans think he can win them games in the short term.27. Miami DolphinsQB Confidence Index: 4.2 | Previous rating: 5.1There are all kinds of excuses for Ryan Tannehill. His offensive line is a mess. His coach keeps benching all the running backs. Its like his 19th different offensive system in five years. At some point, though, this guy has to look like hes getting better. He doesnt.28. Houston TexansQB Confidence Index: 3.9 | Previous rating: 4.1Its possible the Texans will never be more confident in Brock Osweiler than they were the day they signed him to a four-year, $72 million contract. Most of us would be pleased to receive that level of confidence at some point in our lives, and Houstons 3-1 start buys Osweiler time to show them he deserved it.29. New York JetsQB Confidence Index: 3.1 | Previous rating: 3.9See??? the Jets front office is probably saying, to someone, even in their imagination. We TOLD you we would have been better off just direct-snapping it to Matt Forte and Bilal Powell and spending that money on new cars for every employee. At least then we dont have six-interception games. Ryan Fitzpatrick is, now and forever, Ryan Fitzpatrick.30. San Francisco 49ersQB Confidence Index: 2.8 | Previous rating: 3.6Its still Blaine Gabberts job, mainly because Colin Kaepernick?hasnt physically recovered enough from offseason surgeries to make the coaches believe he can play a whole game. In related news, Kaepernick isnt exactly Roger Staubach. Long year by the Bay.31. Los Angeles RamsQB Confidence Index: 2.5 | Previous rating: 1.9Yeah, well bump them up a little bit for going 3-1 with Case Keenum while the No. 1 overall pick sits on the bench. But this isnt a results ranking; its a confidence ranking. And the Rams lack of confidence in their quarterback situation is palpable during every tense Jeff Fisher news conference.32. Cleveland BrownsQB Confidence Index: 0.4 | Previous rating: 0.8Hue Jackson was confident he could make something of Robert Griffin III. Griffin didnt last one game. The only good news here is that each week brings the Browns closer to picking any quarterback they want in the 2017 draft class. Mark Sanchez Jersey . -- Three close looks at the bucket, three misses. Richard Dent Jersey . Following a lopsided 5-2 loss against the New Jersey Devils on Wednesday night, Paul MacLean told reporters that "theres a lack of focus, theres a lack of leadership and theres a lack of preparation" with his struggling team. That came on the heels of Bryan Murray taking the unusual step of going into the locker room at the Prudential Center and addressing the players himself. . -- Playing time has been limited for Maxim Tissot this season, so the Montreal Impact defender made the most of his first scoring opportunity on Saturday. Cheap Bears Jerseys Authentic . -- Timbers coach Caleb Porter didnt stray from his business-like approach to the season even after Portland downed the two-time defending league champion Los Angeles Galaxy to gain crucial playoff position. Pat ODonnell Jersey .Y. -- Leading 3-0 with only 11:25 left, the Colorado Avalanche committed a seemingly meaningless penalty to give the New York Islanders a power play. COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Sam Gagner scored twice, Nick Foligno got a goal and two assists and 13 Blue Jackets had at least a point, helping Columbus beat the St. Louis Blues 8-4 on Saturday night.Eight days after whipping NHL-leading Montreal 10-1, Columbus had its fans chanting We want 10! with its team ahead 7-1 late in the second period.Alexander Wennberg, Brandon Dubinsky, Markus Nutivaara, William Karlsson and Zach Werenski also scored for Columbus. The Blue Jackets rebounded from a tough loss Thursday night in Boston and have points in six of their last seven games (5-1-1), winning four straight at home. Cam Atkinson added a career-high four assists, and Brandon Saad, Scott Hartnell, Lukas Sedlak and Boone Jenner each had two.Sergei Bobrovksy, pulled in the first period against the Bruins, stopped 33 shots for the Jackets.Robby Fabbri scored twice and Vladimir Tarasenko and Kevin Shattenkirk also score for St. Louis.Jake Allen stopped eight of 12 shots and was pulled early in the second period. Carter Hutton finished with 14 stops.PENGUINS 4, MAPLE LEAFS 1PITTSBURGH -- Sidney Crosby and Bryan Rust scored in the third period to help Pittsburgh pull away from Toronto.Evgeni Malkin and Chris Kunitz also scored and Matt Murray stopped 34 shots as Pittsburgh won for the seventh time in nine games.Zach Hyman scored for the Maple Leafs and Frederik Anderson had 45 saves in his second start in two nights. Toronto has won just once in its last eight on the road.Rust made it 3-1 at 6:58 of the third period when he took a feed from Crosby at the faceoff dot and put a shot on Andersen. He got his own rebound and darted to the net, sweeping a shot past Andersens outstretched pad.CANADIENS 5, RED WINGS 0MONTREAL -- Carey Price made 24 saves for his second shutout of the season and Montreal beat Detroit to extend its winning streak to four games.Phillip Danault, Paul Byron, Shea Weber, Andrew Shaw and Max Pacioretty scored to help NHL-leading Montreal improve to 13-1-1. Shaw added two assists for his first multipoint game with the Canadiens.Jimmy Howard gave up five goals on 25 shots for Detroit before being replaced by Petr Mrazek at the start of the third period. Mrazek made 12 saves in relief. The Red Wings dropped to 8-7-1.Montreal has opened with 10 straight victories at Bell Centre, a franchise record for consecutive home victories to start a season. The previous record was established in 1953.PANTHERS 3, ISLANDERS 2, OTSUNRISE, Fla. -- Jonathan Marchessault tied the game with 13.6 seconds left in regulation and Denis Malgin scored late in overtime, helping Florida beat New York.Florida trailed 2-0 in the third period before getting goals from Kyle Rau and Marchessault.Marchessault tied it when Jaroslav Halak blocked a shot but let the puck trickle thrrough his pads and in.ddddddddddddMalgin poked in a rebound with 45.8 seconds left in overtime.Brock Nelson and Nick Leddy scored for New York and Halak had 40 saves.Roberto Luongo made 17 saves to win his second straight start after losing the previous four. James Reimer entered with 50.4 seconds left in regulation and made one save, but Luongo re-entered after it was tied and played in overtime.SHARKS 3, LIGHTNING 1TAMPA, Fla. -- Patrick Marleau had a goal that required two video reviews, Martin Jones made 25 saves and San Jose beat Tampa Bay.Tommy Wingels and Marc-Edouard Vlasic also scored for the Sharks, who are 3-0 midway through a six-game road trip. San Jose is 11-3-1, including 6-1-1 on the road, against Tampa Bay since 2006.Tampa Bay got a goal from Anton Stralman. Ben Bishop had 17 saves.FLYERS 3, WILD 2PHILADELPHIA -- Brayden Schenn scored the tiebreaking goal at 8:43 of the third period, lifting Philadelphia over Minnesota.Brandon Manning and Michael Del Zotto also scored to help the Flyers snap a three-game skid. Michael Neuvirth started and stopped six of seven shots before leaving after the first period due to an apparent injury. Steve Mason replaced him and finished with 19 saves, including a left pad save on Eric Staal in the closing seconds.Nino Niederreiter and Mikael Granlund scored for the Wild, who lost for the third time in four games. Devan Dubnyk had 33 saves.On the go-ahead score, Wayne Simmonds put a between-the-legs pass from behind the net onto Schenns stick and Schenn waited for Dubnyk to go down before firing the puck over him for his third of the season -- all on the power play.HURRICANES 5, CAPITALS 1RALEIGH, N.C. -- Rookie Sebastian Aho scored his first two NHL goals, Jordan Staal had a goal and three assists and Carolina beat Washington.Aho added an assist, Teuvo Teravainen had a goal and three assists and Victor Rask also scored for Carolina. Cam Ward made 20 saves.Washington was coming off an overtime win in Chicago on Friday night.Evgeny Kuznetsov scored with 7:58 left in the first period to put Washington ahead 1-0, but backup Philipp Grubauer stopped only 33 of 37 shots.DEVILS 4, SABRES 2NEWARK, N.J. -- Nick Lappin and Kyle Palmieri scored in the second period to lead New Jersey over Buffalo.Kyle Quincey and John Moore also scored for the Devils, and Cory Schneider stopped 21 shots. Taylor Hall, Adam Henrique and Damon Severson had two assists each as New Jersey completed a sweep of the two-night, home-and-home set and won its season-high fourth straight.Marcus Foligno and Matt Moulson scored for the Sabres, who have lost four straight. Robin Lehner finished with 23 saves. Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China Jerseys NFL China Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Stitched Jerseys Jerseys Wholesale ' ' '

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