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Season 8 of 24 Hours: the action and suspense is still as good as ever. Jack Bauer is simply fun and exciting to watch. This is not a guy you want to cross Cheap Buffalo Bills Jersey , and he’s always willing to place himself in the most dangerous of situations.

The storyline starts out when Jack Bauer is suddenly returned home after nearly two years in a Chinese prison. Even he is unsure why he’s being sent back. Turns out that he is trade-bait to a Middle Eastern terrorist in order to prevent further terrorist attacks. Of course, as usual, nothing is what it seems, and it turns out that CTU and the president have made a serious error. As always Cheap Carolina Panthers Jersey , the terrorists have also made a serious error by bringing Jack Bauer back. He’s simply the best there is at what he does.

Chloe is back for another season. As annoying as she tends to be, she’s a terrific character and Mary Lynn Rajskub still plays her brilliantly. She’s queen of the deadpan expressions and quips expressing her irritation at those who ask her to do things that she’s already doing. She’s also become Jack’s closest friend and confidant. Jack still relies on her heavily, and being the wizard with computers that she is, you can’t blame him.

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