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28.02.2019 07:07
and does not work amongst our Antworten

Last Sunday, Meb Keflezighi ran the 2011 NYC Marathon and finished in sixth place with a personal best time of 2:09:13. Much has been made lately of Meb’s decision to sign a sponsorship deal with Skechers, and NYC was his first marathon with Skechers shoes on his feet. In the video below, Meb indicates that running in Skechers has altered his foot strike, and that the shoes have allowed him to ditch his orthotics for the first time in many years.Having run in the Go Runs myself, albeit not Meb’s custom version, I was Nike Air Vapormax Mujer curious to see if Meb’s Nike Air Max TN Damskie stride had indeed changed. Luckily, elvin314 on YouTube captured a clip of Meb in slow motion from last Sunday, so I was able to take a look. Below are videos, in the following order, of Meb from NYC 2011, NYC 2010, and Boston 2010.Below are some stills showing Meb at the moment of foot contact in the three races, once again in order from NYC 2011, NYC 2010, and Boston 2010.It’s hard to know for sure exactly if any differences observed might be due to his new footwear, but it does appear that although he is heel striking in all three, his 2011 heel strike does look a tad less pronounced. It should be noted that these videos provide nothing even close to a controlled comparison. I have no idea if he was running the same speed in all three videos, where on the course the NYC videos were taken, and the Boston Nike Air Max 90 Mujer video is from an area of Nike M2k Tekno Femme the course with a slight downhill grade. Just for kicks, I tallied up some stride timing data from the three videos for you to take a look at (most values below are averages from 2 consecutive steps). In my previous post I shared my thoughts on the current debate about running form and footwear – that post was triggered by reading the comments related to Christopher McDougall’s recent article in the New York Times Magazine. A number of commenters criticized McDougall for basing his article off of a few individual anecdotes (his own personal history included). Several people asked for the scientific “evidence” that barefoot running form is better, ignoring the fact that this was a popular magazine article and not a peer reviewed journal article (and that several notable scientists were quoted – e.g., Nike Air Max 270 Mujer Benno Nigg).I’m going to avoid specific reference here to the NY Times article as others have done so in depth (e.g., this post by Alex Hutchinson). Rather, the constant back and forth about science vs. anecdote deserves some commentary, and so I’d like to share a few of my thoughts on this more general issue.Anecdotes have value. No, anecdotes are not the same as a controlled scientific studies, and the plural of anecdote is not fact. But, anecdotes are examples where something has (or has not) worked for an individual. Someone tries something out, say a particular shoe, and they observe a positive benefit. Does this mean that every person is going to obtain the same benefit from trying that shoe? No, but for people suffering from a similar chronic injury, anecdotal reports of positive experiments can be very Adidas Prophere Femme helpful. How often Nike Air Max 90 Femme have you provided advice to a fellow runner in need? If a friend asks you how you overcame your own bout with ITBS or plantar fasciitis, would you simply say “I’m not telling you because there’s no scientific study proving that my approach is best.” Doubtful. We runners constantly share what works and does not work amongst our community, whether it be about injuries, training methods, or which race is best run for a BQ. It’s what makes the running community so vibrant, and such an amazing group to be a part of.Though they may not be considered to be as valuable as randomized, controlled experiments, anecdotes do play an important role even in science and medicine. The case study is a classic learning tool in medical schools, clinicians often rely on past, personal experience with “what works” in devising Nike Air Max 2017 Femme treatment plans for a given Nike Air Max Tn Mujer patient, and case reports are commonly published in the medical literature (here’s a recent one on the effect of foot strike modification on knee pain outcomes in 3 patients). Personal and clinical experience are based on a foundation of anecdotes, and to discount this reality is a mistake.

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