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    The 2019 NFL Draft is upon us and the Arizona Cardinals are on the clock.Of course Color Rush Chandler Jones Jersey , Jess Root and I have gotten into the habit of mocking each and every draft to the best of our abilities.We are..."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Podcasts The Revenge of the Birds podcast2019 NFL Mock Draft: Rise Up, See Red and mock the 2019 NFL DraftNew,2comments 2019 NFL Mock Draft: Rise Up, See Red and mock the 2019 NFL DraftKirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsThe 2019 NFL Draft is upon us and the Arizona Cardinals are on the clock.Of course, Jess Root and I have gotten into the habit of mocking each and every draft to the best of our abilities.We are pretty good at it with the Arizona Cardinals picks Chandler Jones Jersey Boys , however this year seems different.There is quite the conundrum of what the Cardinals will do with the first pick this year and I would wager that Jess and I are both wrong in our picks.I’ll post the link to the picks along with the podcast, so you can take a listen to our reasoning.Jess as always is kind enough to provide time stamps for each segment.(1:40) Patrick Peterson’s social media posts, absence and issue with the Cardinals(15:15) The mock draft begins, who is the Cardinals’ pick or do they trade down?(30:44) Picks 2-10 in the first round(45:44) Picks 11-20 in the first round(57:08) Picks 21-32 of the first roundListen to the latest from Cards Wire’s Jess Root and Revenge of the Birds Seth Cox on the Rise Up, See Red podcast. Subscribe on Apple podcasts or Stitcher Radio. The Cardinals are trying really hard to send signals about Kyler Murray.Whether we’re reading them correctly — or whether they themselves know what those signals mean — remains to be seen.According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network Cheap Chandler Jones Jersey , Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim, coach Kliff Kingsbury, and owner Michael Bidwill are not in attendance at Oklahoma’s Pro Day today.Of course, that could be notable, considering possible No. 1 overall pick Kyler Murray is there today and oh-my-god-what-if-they-hate-Kyler-Murray?But the Cardinals have been tripping over themselves to signal either their interest or disinterest that it’s hard to tell anymore. All we know for sure is they’re not very subtle about any of it.It started before Kingsbury was hired Custom Chandler Jones Jersey , when he said he’d take Murray first overall (which could fairly be described as typical college coach smoke-blowing about and upcoming opponent). But then the Cardinals hired Kingsbury, and earned the top pick in the draft, which made it a thing.Then Bidwill tried to stomp out a fire he lit when he hired Kingsbury, saying their plan was to “build around the foundation that we have” — meaning 2018 first-round quarterback Josh Rosen.Then they sent Kingsbury out to deliver a similar endorsement of Rosen, but then Keim went to the Scouting Combine and said Rosen was their quarterback “right now Chandler Jones Jersey Discount , for sure,” which triggered another round to tea-leaf reading in the opposite direction.The reality is, the Cardinals will be able to monitor the results of today’s public workout. And then they’ll likely have a private workout and visit with Murray at some point between now and the draft.Which makes their attendance today a moot point. But rest assured, they’ll do their very best to let us know they feel some sort of way.

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    Let’s hear from the fans!"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Library FalcFans Podcast on The FalcoholicContact The FalcoholicFalcons StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Falcons NewsYahoo Falcons Team PageYahoo Falcons ReportYahoo Falcons Depth ChartYahoo Falcons TransactionsYahoo Falcons PhotosOdds About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub 鉁昑he Falcoholic’s Falcons Fan Spotlight: Joe BaerLet’s hear from the fans!ESTShareTweetShareShareThe Falcoholic’s Falcons Fan Spotlight: Joe BaerGreetings Baby Julio Jones Jersey , Falcoholics, I’m back with another edition of The Falcoholic’s “Fan Spotlight.” This series highlights Atlanta Falcons fans from around the globe, and shares how they became a fan of the team and their thoughts on the franchise. Today’s Fan Spotlight is on Joe Baer, an Atlanta Falcons fan from Woodland, CA. Outside of watching the Falcons, Joe is a medic in the United States Army, and is currently stationed in San Antonio, TX. I asked Joe some questions about how he became a fan, and his thoughts on the state of the franchise.How did you become a Falcons fan?My dad is a San Francisco 49ers fan, my mom is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan Best Julio Jones Jersey , and my stepdad is a Dallas Cowboys fan. I spent every single day of my childhood hearing about 5 rings. I’ve been a fan since 1998, which is coincidentally when I started really following professional football. It might be brutal, but I became a fan during the playoff game against the 49ers. When Garrison Hearst broke his ankle, my dad’s hopes and dreams were crushed. I knew then that I needed to be a dirty bird.Favorite Falcons player of all-time? The unquestioned GOAT in Atlanta Falcons history is Matt Ryan, but he’s not my all-time favorite. Mr. Quintorris Lopez Jones is my favorite player. Julio Jones displays breathtaking athleticism, and is always primed to breakout.Thoughts on the 2018 season? The 2018 season was comical, even by Falcons standards. Losing 6 starters, back to back losses after scoring 36+ points, losing to the Cleveland Browns, and winning 3 straight to go from a top-5 pick to 14th. I was expecting another return to the super bowl. I understand the injuries were the death knell Adult Julio Jones Jersey , but it felt like the team just packed it in.Favorite Falcons memory? Apologies in advance.. but my favorite memory was in the February exhibition game of 2017. That Robert Alford pick-six was my favorite memory. As soon as he grabbed that ball, I knew he was gone. My phone background was going to be the photo of him running into the end zone with Tom Brady on his knees. That moment should have been the greatest moment in Atlanta Falcons history. Instead, we will get to watch it on replays as a team that blew it.Thoughts on the 2019 offseason?My ideal first two draft picks are defensive tackle Ed Oliver and offensive tackle Dalton Risner. Oliver is a fantastic athlete, and Risner has nastiness the team has lacked for years. I am a pessimist about this team. I’m already scared about next season. It feels like DQ is making some conservative moves to save his job. I understand moving on from Robert Alford, but I don’t understand moving on from Brian Poole and Matt Bryant. I’m disappointed at keeping Vic Beasley at his price point. The team has some clear needs, and I’m nervous that they’re going to botch the moves.I appreciate Joe for sharing his thoughts on the Falcons, and for being the focus of this weeks ‘Fan Spotlight’ article. If you’d like to connect with Joe, he can be found on Twitter @Joe_Baer_74.If you’d like to be considered for a ‘Fan Spotlight’ or know of someone who deserves to be, let me know on Twitter where you can find me at @EvanBirchfield. Thanks for reading! NFL owners are taking “keeping up with the Joneses” to the next level.Falcons owner Arthur Blank has become the latest captain of a pro football franchise to become the skipper of a superyacht. Via TMZ, Blank has ordered a $180 million boat Limited Calvin Ridley Jersey , which will measure 240 feet in length.It has 11 cabins that will hold 23 guests plus another 33 crew members. And it will be named “DreAMBoat,” with the emphasis on Blank’s AMB initials.But as keeping up with the Joneses go, Blank still has a long way to go. While he may own a nicer stadium than Jones, Jones’ boat cost $70 million more, and is 117 feet bigger.Last month, after Washington owner Daniel Snyder jumped into the luxury boat game, Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren made the burgeoning NFL owner superyacht habit a tangible example of her alleged need for a tax on accumulated wealth, independent of and in addition to any taxes paid on the income that built said wealth.

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    For the first time in over a decade Cheap Hayden Hurst Jersey , a new era of Ravens football is upon us."WhitePodcast Film Review Fanposts Fanshots Ravens StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Ravens ReportYahoo Ravens Depth ChartYahoo Ravens TransactionsYahoo Ravens PhotosAbout Odds Community Guidelines StubHub ✕With Joe Flacco out of the picture, all eyes are on Lamar JacksonNew,31commentsFor the first time in over a decade, a new era of Ravens football is upon us. ESTShareTweetShareShareWith Joe Flacco out of the picture, all eyes are on Lamar JacksonEvan Habeeb-USA TODAY SportsEveryone knew it was coming at some point, but when news broke yesterday that the Ravens had agreed to trade Joe Flacco to the Denver Broncos, it still caught many, including myself, by surprise. Nobody envisioned Eric DeCosta moving this quickly to strike a deal to move Flacco, but that’s exactly what happened. The trade won’t officially be processed until next month, but Flacco’s time in Baltimore has been up since Week 11 of the 2018 season. Nevertheless, it feels a bit surreal that for the first time in his career, Flacco will be wearing a different uniform next season. It was weird seeing Flacco on the sidelines over the second half of this past season as Lamar Jackson’s backup, but it will be even more strange seeing him throw passes for a new organization. Flacco departs from Baltimore the same way he came in; with class and professionalism. And so, after 11 seasons, six playoff appearances, a Super Bowl MVP trophy and one of the most successful postseason runs from a quarterback in NFL history - here we are at the end of the road.Make no mistake about it, the Ravens are Lamar Jackson’s team now. Everything that happens in the next few seasons and potentially beyond is tied to Jackson and his development as a quarterback. This sounds like a lot of pressure for a 21-year old kid to handle but if anyone is up to the challenge Custom Hayden Hurst Jersey , it’s Lamar. When Baltimore traded up to select Jackson at the end of the first round in last years’ draft, there was an obvious sense that he would eventually take over as the starting quarterback. However, given his limitations as a passer and raw talent, many envisioned Flacco remaining the starter for two full seasons before ceding way to Jackson. If Flacco doesn’t suffer a hip injury midseason, which allowed Jackson to seize the opportunity as a starter, does Flacco play out the rest of the season? Maybe so, and it’s possible he could have played well enough to stick around heading into next year. However, we can play the “if this, if that” game all day long. The process of Jackson becoming the starting quarterback ended up moving way faster than most people envisioned. Now, he’s not only the starting quarterback, but the face of the Ravens franchise and unquestioned leader. By all accounts, Jackson appears up to the challenge. A poor postseason performance and disappointing ending can’t take away from what he accomplished in year one. Being thrust into a starting role in the middle of the season, tasked with leading your team to the playoffs and potentially saving your coach’s job is not an easy feat for any quarterback, let alone a 21-year old rookie. But that’s exactly what Jackson did, going 6-1 down the stretch to lead Baltimore to a division title for the first time since 2012. Does he all deserve all the credit? Of course not. The defense was stellar over the second half of the season and the coaching staff managed to adjust to a schematic change on offense on the fly. Still, what Jackson did is a noteworthy and is hopefully a sign of things to come. His needed development as a passer is well-documented, but Jackson has an incredible work ethic, intangibles Hayden Hurst Jersey Discount , and other winning qualities that can’t be taught. Jackson has a rare desire to be great that many young players lack. Amidst boos from the home crowd in a dismal showing through three quarters against the Chargers in the playoffs, Jackson responded by throwing for over 150 yards and two touchdowns in the final frame of play, nearly leading the Ravens to a miraculous comeback. Given the Ravens have hitched their wagon to him as the franchise quarterback going forward, there is some pressure for Jackson to not only improve, but to consistently perform and win games. The standard in Baltimore is success, but Jackson doesn't appear to ever shy away from the moment. Flacco deserves praise for bringing a super bowl to Baltimore and easily becoming the most successful quarterback in franchise history. However, in order for the Ravens to progress moving forward, we must all, as a fanbase, embrace the new era that is upon us. It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to say this, but the Baltimore Ravens now have a new face leading them into a new era - and his name is “Action Jackson”. Baltimore’s defense came up huge on Sunday, limiting a potent Falcons offense to just 131 yards from scrimmage. Tavon Young’s fumble return for a touchdown in the fourth quarter sealed a third consecutive victory for the Ravens. Again it was the Ravens running game leading the way. Gus Edwards and Lamar Jackson controlled the clock, and Kenneth Dixon (8 rushes, 37 yards) ran well in his return to action, too. As a team, the Ravens eclipsed 200 yards rushing for the third game in a row. While there wasn’t many flashy offensive highlights, Baltimore executed the gameplan and came up with big plays when it mattered most. Check out all the top moments and vote for your favorite below! Lamar Jackson 13-yard rushing touchdown: After the Falcons put up three points on their opening drive, Baltimore responded with a touchdown to take an early lead. On a designed option play Hayden Hurst Jersey Super Bowl , Lamar Jackson found the endzone with his legs for the second consecutive game. Jackson showed impressive strength and determination, breaking a tackle and outstretching the ball across the pylon. It was the Ravens only offensive touchdown of the day, and proved to be a big one. Terrell Suggs first quarter sack: The future hall of famer followed up a strong performance against the Raiders with another big game in Week 13. “T-Sizzle” fought through two Atlanta offensive lineman to bring down Matt Ryan, who was being chased outside the pocket. Had Suggs not made the play, the Falcons could have converted the third down and advanced into Baltimore territory. It also brought Suggs to 6.5 sacks on the season. Sam Koch fake punt: Baltimore brought out the trickery in Atlanta, converting on a fake punt early in the second quarter. Sam Koch received the snap and delivered a fairly accurate 21-yard strike to Chris Moore on 4th & 7. It was the fifth time Koch has attempted a pass in his career, and he’s completed an impressive 100% of them. His passing ability may have been called upon even more had Robert Griffin III gotten injured in relief of Lamar Jackson, who was in concussion protocol during the third quarter. Lamar Jackson 16-yard rush: After spending much of the third quarter in concussion protocol, “Action Jackson” returned to the game and made yet another big play on the ground early in the fourth quarter. With the Ravens up by six points and facing a 3rd & 3, Jackson rushed for 16 yards to keep the drive alive. Jackson faked the pass and took off, eluding Falcons defenders down the field. It moved the Ravens closer to mid field and the drive ultimately ended with a field goal to put Baltimore up by two possessions. Justin Tucker 47-yard field goal: Speaking of field goals, Justin Tucker was yet again automatic on Sunday. Fresh off another AFC special teams player of the month award, Tucker converted all four of his field goal attempts and both of his extra points against the Falcons. This 47-yarder extended Baltimore’s lead and put the Ravens up 19-10 with just over seven minutes remaining. Tavon Young fumble return touchdown: For the second consecutive week, the Ravens defense forced a fumble and returned it for a touchdown in the fourth quarter. Patrick Onwuasor blindsided Matt Ryan and knocked the ball loose, and Tavon Young scooped it up before returning the fumble for a touchdown. It was the Ravens sixth forced fumble of the season and all but sealed Baltimore’s victory.

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    CHARLOTTE DJ Moore Jersey On Sale , N.C. (AP) — Panthers general manager Marty Hurney methodically addressed the Carolina’s most pressing needs, checking off one-by-one during the three-day NFL draft.Carolina selected defensive end Brian Burns from Florida State with the 16th overall pick, giving them a potential long-term replacement for future Hall of Famer Julius Peppers, who retired in February.Then, with offensive tackles flying off the board, Hurney moved up 10 spots in the second round to land Mississippi offensive tackle Greg Little filling a huge need at left tackle. The Panthers cut ties with Matt Kalil earlier this offseason after a knee injury derailed his entire season a year ago. The injury prompted Carolina to sign free agent Chris Clark early last season and start him at left tackle.Later Hurney went after quarterback Will Grier, a hometown kid, in round three to be Cam Newton’s backup and potential long-term replacement. Newton’s contract expires after the 2012 season. Grier DJ Moore Jersey Sale , who was fourth in the Heisman Trophy voting, gives the Panthers a more reliable option in case Newton struggles in his recovery from shoulder surgery.“What was really cool is we were able to address the three feature positions if you think about it: the rusher, the tackle and now the quarterback,” Panthers coach Ron Rivera said. “We’re feeling good about what happened today. It was a good day for us.”Although the Panthers had to give up one of their third round picks to move to get Little, Hurney said it had to be done.“Being able to get up and get the left tackle and then being able to get a young, talented quarterback that you think has some promise in the future — that’s a pretty good day,” Hurney said. “Then you add it to a pass rusher (Burns) and, as Ron said Replica DJ Moore Jersey , there are three of the five premium positions where you have added guys.”SURPRISE MOVEThe Panthers went out and got another edge rusher in the fourth round, taking Christian Miller from Alabama. That’s not necessarily a huge surprise given their lack of a pass rush last season — they were 27th in the league in sacks — but it will be interesting to see where Miller fits into the rotation. He has the versatility to drop into coverage, too.WHO ELSE THEY GOTAlong the aforementioned four picks, the Panthers also selected running back Jordan Scarlett from Florida in the fifth round. Carolina traded down in the sixth round and picked up South Carolina offensive tackle Dennis Daley and wide receiver Trey Godwin from Georgia with its final two picks.HOW THEY DIDThe Panthers addressed all of their concerns, almost in a methodical manner from most pressing need on the down the list.WHAT’S NEXT?Carolina could look to fill in a few other areas with a low-priced veteran, including possibly at linebacker and safety. Welcome to SB Nation FanPulse, a survey of fans across the NFL powered by SurveyMonkey. Each week, we send 32 polls to 100+ plugged in fans from each team. Panthers fans Stitched DJ Moore Jersey , sign up HERE to join FanPulse.Panthers fans are a little more confident in their team this week following that amazing 4th quarter comeback to defeat the Eagles 21-17 on the road. According to our FanPulse survey, fans’ confidence jumped from 35% to 48% after just one win. I guess it’s true what they say—winning does cure all.The second question in this week’s survey was also interesting: Will the Panthers make the playoffs? A surprising 90% of our survey takers answered this question with a resounding yes. I figured it would be a little lower than that, considering our confidence level is only at 48%. Perhaps a good portion of people think we’ll make the playoffs and then flame out in the Wild Card Round? I don’t know. (If you answered ‘not confident’ and ‘yes’ on those two questions... please feel free to provide your thoughts on what led you to those choices.)To compare how confident Panthers fans are in our playoff chances, let’s compare our results to the rest of the NFC South.Will your team make the playoffs? (NFC South)TeamYes (%)No (%)TeamYes (%)No (%)Looks about right to me. The top two teams in the division are more confident than the bottom two teams. Big surprise, there.What about you, Panthers fans? Do you think the Panthers will make the playoffs? How confident are you? Share your thoughts with us!

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    The Panthers were back on the field today in preparation for their game on Monday night against the Saints Stitched Christian McCaffrey Jersey , and a few notable players were absent from practice today.The biggest name on today’s report is left tackle Chris Clark. While he hasn’t been the best left tackle in the league since being signed by the Panthers as an emergency option after losing both Daryl Williams and Matt Kalil to injured reserve, he has at least been a warm body with experience. If Clark is unable to play on Monday night, things could get really ugly for Cam Newton—and that’s saying something.Graham Gano was also held out today but there’s a good chance he’ll be ready to go on Monday night. The usual ‘veterans day off’ applied to Julius Peppers, Mike Adams and Thomas Davis today, and Newton was once again limited to no throwing in practice. Taylor Heinicke and Kyle Allen filled in for Newton any time the ball needed to be thrown.Rashaan Gaulden missing practice is also concerning since the Panthers lack depth in the secondary. They designated Da’Norris Searcy for return from injured reserve a few weeks ago Baby Christian McCaffrey Jersey , but they have to decide soon whether or not they’ll add him back to the 53-man roster. If Gaulden is unable to play on Monday, chances are good that we’ll see Searcy back on the roster this week.Update: Gaulden missed practice today due to an illness. Hopefully he’ll be ready to go as the week progresses.Here’s today’s full injury report:Panthers injury reportDid not participate in practiceS Mike Adams (rest/wrist)OT Chris Clark (knee)LB Thomas Davis (rest)K Graham Gano (knee)S Rashaan Gaulden (illness)DE Julius Peppers (rest)Limited participation in practiceQB Cam Newton (shoulder)DT Kawann Short (calf)Full participation in practiceN/APractice StatusDid not participate in practice = 0% of a player’s normal repetitionsLimited participation in practice = Less than 100% of a player’s normal repetitionsFull participation in practice = 100% of a player’s normal repetitionsGame StatusOut = Player will not playDoubtful = Player unlikely to playQuestionable = Uncertain if player will play The Panthers are trying to add some experience to their coaching staff, including a guy with a track record as a head coach.A league source confirms to PFT that former Colts coach Chuck Pagano is interviewing with the Panthers today.They have a vacancy for a defensive backs coach after firing Jeff Imamura during late last season, and they’ve also interviewed former Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell.The structure for any additions might be unique, since head coach Ron Rivera is going to call defensive plays Best Christian McCaffrey Jersey , and defensive coordinator Eric Washington is expected to stay in a reduced role. Washington’s a respected line coach they want to keep, and letting him carry the title won’t change the fact Rivera’s in charge. Any new hire might carry an assistant head coach title, but will be expected to help develop a young secondary.Whether it’s Pagano or Fewell, adding a veteran assistant is a need for the Panthers as they’re about to undergo a bit of a rebuild on defense. Veteran linebacker Thomas Davis won’t be back, and safety Mike Adams and cornerback Captain Munnerlyn‘s futures are uncertain as well.Pagano Adult Christian McCaffrey Jersey , 58, was out of football last year after being fired by the Colts, and is expected to have some other interviews for coordinator jobs.

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    The Baltimore Ravens are having one of their most successful seasons in years Elite Justin Tucker Jersey , having just clinched their first AFC North title since 2012. This came after a wild Sunday win over the Cleveland Browns in a win-and-in situation, which was just the first bit of good news for a team that was starting to get used to bad news to end the year.The second piece was quarterback Lamar Jackson taking home NFL offensive rookie of the month, and they got another few attaboys Friday in the form of All Pro announcements. Headlining them is a pretty familiar face:This isn’t a shocker Game Justin Tucker Jersey , though it’s nice to see Tucker get some props for a great season after not making the pro bowl yet again. Below him were two other mainstays getting named second teamers for 2018:Yanda had another very strong season and could maybe be argued for a first team selection and Mosley definitely deserves some recognition after an underrated season in which his alleged lack of coverage skills were continuously harped on. Outside of those guys, there are only a few notable omissions such as Marlon Humphrey or possibly Michael Pierce, though it’s tough to complain too much beyond that.With the pro bowl continuing to morph into a manufactured parody of what it used to be Justin Tucker Womens Jersey , it’s nice to see the AP voters continue to hit the mark in many respects. With all the accolades now dished out, it’s time for this team to show they can live up to the praise on Sunday against the Chargers. Ravens first-round pick Lamar Jackson made his first NFL start at quarterback on Sunday and posted 117 rushing yards on the way to a much-needed 24-21 win over the Bengals.That made him the first quarterback to run for at least 100 yards in a game since Colin Kaepernick in 2016 and it’s also a single-game rushing record for a Ravens quarterback. His 27 rushing attempts are the sixth-most by any player and the most by a quarterback since at least 1999.Jackson added 150 passing yards, which left him responsible for two-thirds of the team’s offensive production in the victory.After the game Youth Justin Tucker Jersey , Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said Jackson was “spectacular” and praised him for playing “winning football” in his first start. He did not say if Jackson would start again against the Raiders in Week 12, but did say it would be “tough” for Joe Flacco to recover from his hip injury in time to play.That points to another outing for the rookie and another glimpse at Baltimore’s offensive future.

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    ATLANTA (AP) — The Atlanta Falcons have cleared out of their practice facility and given the keys to the Los Angeles Rams for the week.The Falcons are determined to be good hosts to the Rams Stitched Brian Poole Jersey , who are using the facility as their practice site for Sunday’s Super Bowl 53. The Falcons insist they’d have been just as hospitable if it were their bitter rival New Orleans Saints using their locker room, meeting rooms and practice field for the week.As part of Atlanta’s winning bid for this Super Bowl, the Falcons’ facility in Flowery Branch, Georgia, north of Atlanta, is home to the Rams, who beat the Saints for the NFC championship. The AFC champion New England Patriots are practicing at Georgia Tech’s facility this week.Each practice site has an indoor facility, which will be important with possible winter weather arriving on Tuesday.The obvious dream of Falcons owner Arthur Blank was to have his team play in Atlanta’s Super Bowl in the second year of Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Instead, the Patriots — who beat the Falcons in Super Bowl 51 — are back, while the Rams look to repeat their win in the last Atlanta Super Bowl in 2000 Youth Brian Poole Jersey , when they represented St. Louis.Spencer Treadwell, Falcons vice president of operations and facilities, said work began to prepare the Flowery Branch facility long before it was known which team would move in.In the case of the Rams, who were making the cross-country flight, Treadwell said communication was especially important. The Falcons made sure the Rams knew what equipment would be available to be borrowed for the week.The locker room and meetings rooms were cleaned out for the Rams. Private offices, which won’t be used, are locked.“We’ve been meeting as a staff for several weeks just to make sure we’re buttoned up,” Treadwell said. “Obviously, we know they’re going to try to make this the Rams’ facility for the week, so we’re going to do what we can to assist and accommodate that and support them in a great week of preparation.”Treadwell said the same Southern hospitality would have been offered to the Saints — even though the mere mention of the division rivals moving into the Falcons’ facility left Atlanta coach Dan Quinn grim-faced last month.“I guess I’m most disappointed we won’t be the ones playing and practicing at our site Stitched Grady Jarrett Jersey ,” Quinn said on Dec. 20.Similarly, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms was certainly happy to have the Rams headed to town. She recently said she was looking forward to a game that featured “anybody other than the Saints.”“I know there’s going to be a bounty on my head for saying that,” she said in an interview with These Urban Times. “But, if it can’t be the Falcons, then hey, as long as it’s not the Saints then I am happy.”At a news conference to discuss Super Bowl preparations, Bottoms said she was just joking about the Saints.Treadwell said it is more important to represent Atlanta well in this Super Bowl than to be influenced by the Falcons’ long rivalry with the Saints.“Obviously, we were going to be gracious hosts to whoever came and we were going to do the best we could to support their efforts in preparing for the biggest game of their lives,” Treadwell said. “At that point we have a job to do and we have to remain professional. We’re part of the host committee.“If you look at it, we want the city to look good for this game and we want our participants to have a good experience when they come here. If it were the Saints we’d have done the same things we’ve done for the Rams and treat them as best as we possibly could.”Falcons S Keanu Neal looks ahead of schedule in ACL rehab We all know by now how awful it’s been not to have Atlanta Falcons S Keanu Neal out on the field Youth Grady Jarrett Jersey , but a little glimmer of Keke sunlight shines through. On Neal’s most recent Instagram story, he showed himself peddling on a stationary bike, extending his knee in rotation. Forgive the self plug. Neal’s a month out from surgery to repair his torn ACL, and he’s already pedaling on a bike and partaking in stretching exercises. That’s good news! He looks to be ahead of the curve here and should be on schedule to be back and fully healthy once training camp gets underway in July 2019, though we know nothing is certain. This season has been a bummer throughout sans the offensive resurgence and that ugly Panthers win, so let’s take the little moments we can get. Knowing how vital he is to the offense, seeing Neal already in the midst of his rehabilitation process on the knee is exciting. We’ll continue to miss Keke—especially on Sundays—and wish him well as he continues to get better.

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    Not only did New England receive two third-round picks Chandler Jones Jersey 2019 , but their four total compensatory picks tied for the most.The Cardinals and Washington also each received four compensatory picks.In all, 15 teams received additional selections after losing more or better compensatory free agents (CFA) than it acquired last year based on a formula using salary, playing time and postseason honors.The Patriots lost Danny Amendola, Johnson Bademosi, Malcolm Butler, Cameron Fleming, Dion Lewis and Nate Solder as CFAs, according to the NFL. They signed CFAs Adrian Clayborn and Jeremy Hill.The Patriots’ extra picks are in the third round (No. 97 overall and No. 101 overall), sixth round (No. 205) and seventh round (No. 252).Washington received four extra picks for losing Will Compton, Kirk Cousins, Ryan Grant, Spencer Long, Trent Murphy and Niles Paul, while signing Paul Richardson, according to the NFL.Washington’s extra choices are in the third round (96th overall) Black Larry Fitzgerald Jersey , fifth round (173rd), sixth round (206th) and seventh round (253rd).The Cardinals lost Jaron Brown, John Brown, Blaine Gabbert, Kareem Martin, Drew Stanton and Tramon Williams as CFAs, while signing Justin Pugh and Andre Smith, per the NFL.Their extra choices are in the sixth round (No. 207) and the seventh round (248, 249, 254).The Bengals, Rams and Vikings each received three compensatory choices each, while Atlanta and Philadelphia gained two each. Baltimore, Carolina, Dallas, Indianapolis Larry Fitzgerald Jersey 2019 , Kansas City, the Giants and San Francisco each gained one.That totals 32 extra picks awarded in the 2019 draft. Crazy money flying faster than the speed of light.Still cannot comprehend how the Compensatory Draft Pick Rule helps foster the league’s desire for equal playing fields and parity—-which rewards..."Crazy money flying faster than the speed of light.Still cannot comprehend how the Compensatory Draft Pick Rule helps foster the league’s desire for equal playing fields and parity—-which rewards good teams, especially Super Bowl winners like the Patriots—-with 3rd round draft picks. Already, in light of the Raiders paying massive money to massive LT Trent Brown and the Lions paying fat cat money to DE Trey Flowers, the Patriots have added 2 top 100 picks in the 2020 NFL Draft, most likely the #97 and #99 picks. And now that teams can use those picks in trades—-it makes the picks even more valuable. In a way the Cardinals are in similar position to the Raiders (ironically with the 2 players involved in their first round trade last year). The Raiders didn’t feel entirely comfortable with 1st round pick Kolton Miller at LT so they anted up for Trent Brown and will move Miller to RT or slide him down to guard. Or they might wind up trading him. Getting the LT position right is a big step toward winning games. Even more so, getting the QB position right, where the excitement is that Kyler Murray opens up the K Raid in more dynamic ways than Josh Rosen.Interesting that both Miller and Rosen are from UCLA.Nick Saban said a very telling thing about Kyler Murray when he said, “you have to put a spy on him, but then he just runs right past the spy which makes that useless.” When teams have to take a man out of pass coverage to spy on a dual-threat QB, it creates such an advantage for the offense. And when one spy is not enough to stop the likes of Kyler Murray that means every man in coverage has to be ready to leave his man to go tackle the QB. Combine that with having to coordinate a controlled pass rush so that each rusher stays in his lane, is such a vast departure from being able to pin their ears back and rush with reckless abandon after a more stationary QB. The gist is, a QB like Kyler Murray puts enormous pressure on defenses and he changes entire game plans and defensive approaches.It is amazing that Tyrann Mathieu got $14M a year with the Chiefs. His 2018 PFF grade was 75.1, which ranked him as the #21 safety. Yet, he cannot play FS—-he is too slow in space. But Black Patrick Peterson Jersey , as a SS, he is too small to cover big TEs, and too small to take the constant pounding inside the box. He is a hybrid slot CB, rover S, who is at his best when you can let him free lance and blitz. His signing means the Chiefs won’t likely be able to keep their iconic FS Eric Berry—-and quite frankly the Chiefs’ main problem is they cannot stop the run. Now that Honey Badger is licking his mounds of honey again, one has to wonder whether he will short change the Chiefs the way he did the Cardinals. He should have it harder in KC than he did with the Texans, because the talent he was surrounded with in Houston is superior and much more physical than the Chiefs’. Yet another defensive icon, Terrell Suggs, is having to move on after 16 years with the Ravens. This should make Cardinals’ fans appreciate it all the more that we won’t have to endure the pain of watching WR Larry Fitzgerald play in another uniform. As for adding Suggs on a one year deal (I’m guessing it would have to be for at least $7-8M), the Cardinals have completed their 2019 plan at 34 OLB, which is to have the other one year signee, Brooks Reed, play the majority of the run downs and then have Suggs rush the edge on passing downs.The Cardinals also have Vontarrius Dora and Cameron Malveaux as a similar tandem. And—-perhaps the best all-around edge OLB, other than Chandler Jones, is Haason Reddick. Therefore Patrick Peterson Jersey 2019 , the Cardinals will not likely be drafting Nick Bosa at #1. They may draft an OLB, but it won’t be until later in the draft.Keim’s signings of one year veterans suggests that he still believes the Cardinals can be a playoff team this year. Kliff Kingsbury said to Adam Schefter that after studying the roster, he too thinks the Cardinals are a lot closer than people think. Keim got burned doing this last year. Hmmm.C.J. Mosely at $17M a year with the Jets—-who are taking advantage of Sam Darnold’s contract——is a signal of how valuable 3 down LBers have become. The Jets are also turning UFA OLB Anthony Barr into an edge rusher. The Lions’ signing of Justin Coleman at $9M a year—-is a signal of how valuable slot CBs have become. Safeties are getting signed and paid this year, bucking last year’s trend.Word is the Giants are interested in Deone Bucannon and that the Raiders are talking to the agent of Markus Golden.I wonder if the Eagles will sign Mike Glennon and try to make him the next Nick Foles. The Eagles may have the most talented roster in the NFL. And they keep adding great players, as they did with signing DT Malik Jackson and acquiring WR DeSean Jackson . Easy as 1,2,3,A,B,C,

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    South Bend and top NFL prospects have become a tradition over the years. Julian Love is the latest in a long line of Notre Dame’s top talents.A complete corner with all the physical and mental..."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Tennessee Titans Podcast2019 NFL draft: Introducing Julian Love Taywan Taylor Jersey White , Notre Dame’s competitive cornerback prospectCDTShareTweetShareShare2019 NFL draft: Introducing Julian Love, Notre Dame’s competitive cornerback prospectKirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsSouth Bend and top NFL prospects have become a tradition over the years. Julian Love is the latest in a long line of Notre Dame’s top talents.A complete corner with all the physical and mental tools to survive on an island at the next level, Love recently spoke exclusively with MCM about why he’s the best cornerback in this draft, the best receivers he’s ever covered and why Alohi Gilman was the teammate he needed. JM: Many feel that you’re one of the best cornerbacks in this draft. To be honest, I think things are pretty muddy at the top. I’m not sure that anyone has distanced themselves as the clear cut top corner of this class. Do you feel like you have a chance to be that guy?JL: Yeah, I honestly do. Football is an interesting game. I’m a well balanced player and that’s very important at the next level. I can play inside or outside. I’m aggressive. I have good ball skills and play-making ability. Looking at the big picture outside of football Womens Nate Palmer Jersey , I’m a great person to represent your organization. I’m a trustworthy guy. I’m very dependable both on and off the field. My personality and passion for the game really set me apart.JM: Do you think there’s a scheme at the next level that best suits your style of play?JL: I’m someone who can easily adapt to anything. I feel like I can play in any scheme really. I’m a quick learner. I can adapt to whatever’s asked of me. I can become one with any scheme. I’m comfortable playing in any scheme.I love the way Love attacks the run game. No hesitation to get dirty here.JM: Which aspects of your game are you hoping to improve on at the next level?JL: I would definitely say the technical side of the game. You can never be too advanced in this area. I’d like to become more of a technician at the next level. I think I’m a natural athlete and I’m a play-maker. Any defensive back should always strive to be more technical. That’s my goal. The technicians play this game for a long time. They’re the guys that can play well into their 30’s.JM: Which combine drill or drills do you think best translate to what defensive backs actually implement on the field?JL: It’s tough to say. Part of me wants to say the 40 yard dash. I wanna run a good 40 for sure. But we’ve seen cornerbacks that struggled in the 40 over the years turn into really good players. And some of them are amazing athletes as well. Desmond King is a name that comes to mind for me. He ran a 4.60 and he’s an exceptional cornerback. He’s an All-Pro player for the Los Angeles Chargers. I’m sure he loves to tell that story. I think the position drills are very important. They can be very telling for us defensive backs in terms of measuring potential success.JM: Who are some of the best receivers you’ve ever covered throughout your time at Notre Dame?JL: That’s tough. I’ve covered so many great receivers. USC were our rivals during my freshmen year (laughs). My job was to shadow Adoree Jackson when he was in the game on offense. That was tough (laughs). I had to guard him. He’s obviously an unbelievable athlete.He went to become a first round pick as a corner for the Titans. When he wasn’t in the game, I was covering Juju Smith-Schuster. He’s a very powerful guy. That was quite the task as a freshmen. I learned a lot that year. J.J. Arcega-Whiteside at Stanford is a load to handle. He’s a tough cover for sure. He’s a bigger guy and you can’t let him win positioning. He got me a few times though. I really respect him as a player.JM: You had some great teammates throughout your time at Notre Dame, but if you were headed to war tomorrow and could only bring one with you, who would you bring and why?JL: There’s so many guys that I’m close with but I’m gonna have to go with Alohi Gilman. He played safety for us this past season. Here’s a guy who transferred here after his freshmen year. He had to sit out a year to satisfy the transfer rules. He came in and had a phenomenal season for us. He was a guy that I knew I could rely on throughout every game this year. We didn’t even have to say anything to each other. I knew where he was gonna be and he knew where I was gonna be. We had that sort of special relationship. I appreciated playing next to him.JM: In closing, when a team uses one of their picks on Julian Love, what kind of guy are they getting?JL: You’re getting a great all-around guy. I’m unique in that sense. You’re getting a competitor on the field and a great man off the field. I’m somebody that’s gonna go out there and compete on every single rep. I don’t take plays off. Competition is what drives me to be great. You can trust me with anything. That’s what I bring to the table. The NFL schedules came out last night and the Titans have scheduled 1 primetime game in 2019. People are very sore about this Johnathan Cyprien Jersey White , but Paul Kuharsky summed this up about as well as you can with this..."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Tennessee Titans PodcastTitans News: Passing LeagueNew,215commentsCDTShareTweetShareShareTitans News: Passing LeagueChristopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY SportsThe NFL schedules came out last night and the Titans have scheduled 1 primetime game in 2019. People are very sore about this, but Paul Kuharsky summed this up about as well as you can with this tweet: ATV retired a Titan, which is pretty awesome. Verner was a fan favorite almost from day 1. His Titans career culminated with making the Pro Bowl in 2013 before leaving for Tampa Bay.Rob Gronkowski dented the Lombardi Trophy by using it as a baseball bat. Turron Davenport predicts an 11-5 record from the Titans in 2019, but also predicts 2 of those loses to come against Andrew Lucky and the Colts.

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    We head to the L.A. studios to put the remaining free agents on their perfect team."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Texans StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Texans NewsYahoo Texans Team PageYahoo Texans ReportYahoo Texans Depth ChartYahoo Texans TransactionsYahoo Texans PhotosOdds About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub ✕Battle Red Radio2019 Houston Texans Offseason2019 NFL Free AgencyHouston Texans Podcast: NFL Free Agency Matchmaking New White Max Scharping Jersey ,11commentsWe head to the L.A. studios to put the remaining free agents on their perfect team. CDTShareTweetShareShareHouston Texans Podcast: NFL Free Agency Matchmaking Eric Hartline-USA TODAY SportsHundreds of players are out there in the lobby, waiting to get assigned to a team to play. If only broadband wizardry could group players to teams and put them in the best place to succeed. Sadly, they don’t.Not yet.Even if worked like that, you would just end up with Major League Baseball instead. This is where we come in. For tonight’s show, we will go over our favorite free agency fits. Please leave whatever questions you have for us below. Texans-related or not, we are here to answer. We didn’t have a Texans only show this week, so now is the time to get at us and get answered what you what answered. Or, I don’t know, ask me about how I feel about Teddy Bridgewater re-signing with the Saints. SUBSCRIBE BELOW.The direct is here. The embedded player is below. MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE:You can subscribe on iTunes here.You can subscribe on Android/Google here. You can subscribe/listen on Spotify here.You can subscribe/listen on Stitcher here.Please subscribe and write a lovely review that gives us that three stars out of five rating we deserve. Keep that in mind when you download the episode this week. I’m trying to buy some kombucha. A happy gut is a happy heart.Thanks for staying awhile and listening. Enjoy the show while you do whatever it is that you do. Sunday night, it was on the quarterbacks to take care of things, in the absence of much help.Or, at the very least, survive.For the Texans, it was a good thing Deshaun Watson has shown himself to be tough, as he took a beating but lead them to a 19-16 overtime win over the Cowboys.Watson was hit repeatedly, and was checked in the sideline tent for rib injuries. But he hit DeAndre Hopkins for a 49-yard gain in OT, which was the equivalent of two heavyweight boxers leaning on each other Vyncint Smith Jersey , and one uncorking a knockout punch.Texans kicker Ka'imi Fairbairn hit the 36-yard field goal to win it, and bring an end to the carnage.Watson finished 33-of-44 for 375 yards, with a touchdown and an interception, and 40 rushing yards on 10 carries.Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott threw for 209 yards, with a touchdown and two interceptions. He didn’t have much help, as Ezekiel Elliott was limited to 54 yards on 20 carries. His lack of targets is well-documented and was evident, but he also threw some questionable passes, with at least one dropped pick-six by the opponents.Still, he gave himself and his team a chance. He just couldn’t outlast Watson.Here are five more things we learned during Sunday Night Football:1. There’s not much the Texans can do about it now, but the state of their offensive line is bordering on ridiculous.They put Julie'n Davenport back at left tackle, after he started the opener there. They had initially shifted Davenport to right tackle when Seantrel Henderson broke his ankle, letting rookie Mathias Rankin in at left tackle. But Sunday, Kendall Lamm was in the starting lineup at right tackle.They’ve used five different combinations of offensive linemen in five games, and that’s no way to protect an investment like Watson, particularly one coming off a torn ACL.They used to have a good left tackle in Duane Brown, but didn’t want to pay him and shipped him off the Seattle. The 2019 second-round pick that’s coming back was the centerpiece of the deal, and they could always use it to find protection.If it’s not too late.2. The Texans’ struggles in the red zone are inexplicable.But in the attempt to explic them (shut up Jordan Thomas Jersey , it’s as much of a word as their work there is a game plan), it’s clear the Texans don’t trust that line.They were 1-of-6 in the red zone, but it’s actually worse than it sounds. They had five possessions inside the Cowboys 3-yard line, and only one of them ending in a touchdown. Four of the others were field goals, and they turned it over on downs the other time.Everything seems designed to put Watson in space and let him create, but that also tends to put him in harm’s way. There might be short-term benefits, but the Texans don’t appear to be a contender now, and more care with Watson’s future is probably in order.They have a reasonable array of targets, so the focus will remain on the play-calling until it’s fixed.3. Texans defensive end Jadeveon Clowney is having an amazing season, but never seems to get the credit he probably deserves.Part of that has to do with playing in the shadow of J.J. Watt, but he’s also the victim of his own talent.Though he’s battled injuries, he’s still such a unique athlete that it looks easy for him to do what others cannot. Then he gets criticized for not making otherworldly plays more often. Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers is similar, in that he was ripped for “taking plays off” early in his career. Somehow, Peppers has 154.5 sacks despite such an egregious lack of effort.Clowney will likely never reach that level, through factors outside of his control, but he’s the impact player in the Texans’ front, capable of rushing with power and speed Brandon Dunn Jersey , and getting the best of a player such as Cowboys left tackle Tyron Smith.4. The Cowboys won’t be able to replace Jason Witten on the field, after they were caught off guard by their star tight end retiring to get into broadcasting.Geoff Swaim is beginning to look like a viable target, though.Swaim had a 43-yard ramble on a screen in the first half, and finished with three catches for 55 yards, albeit all in the first half. He caught three passes for 39 yards and a touchdown last week.Again, he’s not going to replace Witten’s production, but he’s growing into someone they can use offensively, and in the everything-is-relative state of their offense, that’s worth something.5. The Texans had to shuffle their secondary because of injuries, and it doesn’t seem to be hurting them as much as the offensive line.With Aaron Colvin on IR and Kayvon Webster leaving the game with a quad injury, the Texans had to slide cornerback Kareem Jackson back to corner, and replace him at safety with rookie Justin Reid.Jackson and Reid each had interceptions, on passes which were touched at some point by Cowboys targets. That doesn’t mean they weren’t Prescott’s fault, but it does speak to some degree of good fortune.

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    Defensive end Frank Clark is No. 5 on PFT’s list of the top free agents this year J.R. Sweezy Jersey Green , but it doesn’t look like he will be hitting the open market.Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was asked about Clark during a Thursday press conference and Carroll didn’t bother with any smokescreens about the team’s intentions.“He will be with us,” Carroll said, via multiple reporters.Carroll didn’t say whether Clark would be with the Seahawks on a long-term deal or on the franchise tag, but there’s time to sort out those details as the offseason plays out. With the deadline to use the tag on Tuesday , it would seem to be a good bet that the team will use it if only to buy until the middle of July to work on a longer deal.Clark has 35 sacks, eight forced fumbles and an interception in 62 games for the Seahawks since being drafted in the second round of the 2015 draft. The Seahawks are heading to Dallas, and the Cardinals are on the clock.After Seattle defeated Arizona today, the Seahawks are the NFC No. 5 seed and will travel to Dallas to take on the Cowboys in wild card weekend.And the Cardinals’ loss guarantees them the first overall pick in the 2019 NFL draft. That pick will draw plenty of scrutiny Marshawn Lynch Jersey , as the first overall pick usually goes to a quarterback, but the Cardinals just drafted quarterback Josh Rosen first overall this year.The game was ultimately meaningless, but the Cardinals deserve some credit for playing hard even though they had nothing to play for. Seattle only won on a last-second field goal by Sebastian Janikowski to make the final score 27-24.The Seahawks will need to play better next weekend against a good Cowboys team, but if there’s one road team that can win in the first round of the playoffs Jarran Reed Jersey , it’s Seattle. They’ll be a dangerous opponent for anyone, and now they know who they’re playing.

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    Packers’ reserves played key pass rushing roles in win over Buffalo Make no mistake about it Womens Paul Hornung Jersey , the Green Bay Packers’ first defensive shutout since 2010 needs to be taken with a grain of salt. The Buffalo Bills’ offense continues to be a work in progress with rookie quarterback Josh Allen and was far from a smooth-operating system on Sunday. Still, the Packers’ defense did its part in ensuring that an inferior offense would not beat them on a day that their own offense looked out of sync. And a lot of that credit goes to Green Bay’s role players off the bench.Take Kyler Fackrell for instance. The third-year pro earned his first positive headlines in what feels like an eternity. The whipping boy of Packers fans everywhere, Fackrell tallied a three-sack game, tying his entire total from a season ago. While Fackrell still struggles to hold the edge in the running game, his hustle and surprisingly slippery moves, like the one in the clip below against Jordan Mills, put him in position to make multiple stops in the backfield Sunday.Fackrell’s counterpart Reggie Gilbert also got into the sack column, registering one with relentless effort on a third-down play. It was part of a four-tackle Oren Burks Jersey White , two-QB hit performance for Gilbert who has been rather quiet since bursting on to the preseason scene. On a day the defense registered seven sacks, Fackrell and Gilbert combined for four off the bench and never let Josh Allen get comfortable in the pocket. While Green Bay’s secondary intercepted Allen twice, they were helped significantly from repeated pressures throughout the game. The Packers certainly hope for a bit of sustained production from their duo of depth edge rushers as the weeks go on.But why stop with the edge rushers? Green Bay traded for Antonio Morrison when Jake Ryan had been lost for the season and Oren Burks’ training camp injury looked far more serious than it was. Quietly, Morrison has been around the football over the past couple of weeks. In the first quarter Sunday, he laid a quarterback hit with a late blitz up the middle as Allen attempted an errant downfield pass. Morrison has been a solid find for the Packers as a special teams player, but made a tackle and impact pass rush play from some clever scheming on just 10 defensive snaps Sunday.Finally, safety Jermaine Whitehead was a rather new factor in Mike Pettine’s blitz packages against Buffalo, recording one sack and nearly another in the second half. On the final play of the third quarter Womens Kenny Clark Jersey , Whitehead blitzed from the slot in press coverage and flew in untouched. Bills right tackle Dion Dawkins had tried to cut block Nick Perry, opening a wide lane for Whitehead to race in and drag Allen down for his first career sack. It was a pivotal 16-yard loss that stunted another Bills drive on third down. In the fourth quarter, Whitehead again would come in hot from the slot and just miss Allen as the quarterback dodged away. Whitehead’s success was a good sign for Pettine and the unpredictability of the Packers’ pass rush.For a Green Bay defense that came into the game against Buffalo with six sacks on the season, the usage of exotic blitzes and fresh legs kept an inexperienced quarterback from getting into a groove. With Nick Perry having an extremely quiet start to the season and Clay Matthews at a loss for what constitutes a sack in today’s NFL, the Packers got a lift from some unexpected personnel in what was a banner day for the team’s pass rush. The Green Bay Packers’ quest to fill the job vacated when head coach Matt LaFleur fired Ron Zook continues on. As of Thursday afternoon, another experienced individual has reportedly interviewed for the open special teams coordinator position.That person is Tom Quinn, according to Tom Silverstein. Quinn spent over a decade leading the New York Giants’ special teams, working for head coaches Tom Coughlin and Ben McAdoo from 2007 to 2017. He also served in that capacity for part of this season.Under Quinn Lance Kendricks Jersey , the Giants’ special teams units were all over the map. According to Rick Gosselin’s annual rankings the Giants finished as high as second (in 2015) and as low as 32nd (2017). Quinn oversaw two top-five units and three top-ten squads, while seeing his groups finish in the bottom five of the NFL three times as well. Here are the Giants’ places in those rankings over Quinn’s tenure:2007: 17th2008: 4th2009: 20th2010: 30th2011: 22nd2012: 7th2013: 28th2014: 25th2015: 2nd2016: 18th2017: 32ndWould Quinn be an upgrade over Zook? That’s at least possible, as Zook’s Packers were routinely in the bottom of the league and finished dead last in 2018.The team still has made no announcements about the open job, though reports indicate that former Miami coordinator Darren Rizzi is no longer in the running.

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    The sense of change took a hit as the Bengals remain their same old selves in free agency."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections #BITESIZEFilm RoomRoster Transactions and ContractsOrange & Black InsiderSalary Cap And CBABreaking NewsKeep track of the 2019 Bengals draft脳Bengals News (3/12): Cincinnati is back to their old ways in free agencyNew White Rodney Anderson Jersey ,64commentsThe sense of change took a hit as the Bengals remain their same old selves in free agency.EDTShareTweetShareShareBengals News (3/12): Cincinnati is back to their old ways in free agencyTrevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY SportsReports: Hart, Uzomah back in the foldThe Bengals and their new coaching staff appeared to get off on the right foot Monday when various reports indicated they’ve agreed to bring back two offensive starters their coaches targeted in free agency.Mired In A Media MockThat’s because, among other things, Murray, Oklahoma’s Heisman quarterback, has yet to reach the heights of the top ten for our cautious panel of scribes. That’s not going to happen for real on April 25. Not only that, the only quarterback that is gone before the Bengals pick at No. 11 is Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins to Jacksonville at No. 7. That doesn’t figure to happen, either, with Nick Foles expected to John Hancock it with the Jaguars in free agency. Not only that, although the combine means absolutely nothing when it comes to playing football, it seems to have moved the needle for guys like Mississippi wide receiver DK Metcalf Boomer Esiason Jersey , Washington State tackle Andre Dillard and Missouri quarterback Drew Lock. But not enough to get into the top ten it appears, if you go off the Scouts Inc. big board on Or, in the case of Lock and Metcalf, those positions wouldn’t appear to be on the Bengals’ radar in the first round.Bengals Re-Sign Brandon WilsonWilson, who will be a third-year player in 2019, joined the Bengals as a sixth-round draft pick in 2017 and has played in 24 games over his first two seasons. Considered a core special teams contributor for the Bengals, he ranked second in ST tackles last season (nine) and tied for fourth in 2017 (five).Updated List of Bengals 2019 Free AgentsLast week the Bengals extended tender offers to five players - G/C Trey Hopkins, CB Tony McRae, G Alex Redmond, DT Josh Tupou and S Brandon Wilson. The tenders assure the Bengals will retain their exclusive NFL rights for the upcoming season.Cincinnati Bengals' 2019 free-agent signings: TE C.J. Uzomah, RT Bobby Hart re-signThe Bengals agreed to terms with Uzomah on a three-year deal more than $18 million on Monday Jordan Evans Jersey White , according to the NFL Network. Here’s a closer look at the tight end who will re-sign with the Bengals after being drafted there in 2015.Bobby Hart, C.J. Uzomah extensions have impact on Bengals’ draft plansBobby Hart and C.J. Uzomah will be back in the fold for the Cincinnati Bengals next season and beyond after word about their respective extensions broke Monday.Paul Daugherty column on Cincinnati Bengals 'New Dey'The Bengals, known facetiously in this space as The Men, are calling the rookie season of head coach Zac Taylor a New Dey. “New Dey Bengals’’ is less a slogan than an oxymoron. Just because you trade the beater for a Beemer doesn’t mean you’ll drive any differently. The Bengals are the Bengals are the Bengals.Random NewsC.J. Mosley to get $85M deal with New York JetsNFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Tuesday morning that Gang Green is expected to sign former Baltimore Ravens linebacker C.J. Mosley to a massive five-year, $85 million contract with $51 million guaranteed, per sources informed of the agreement.Browns expected to sign DT Sheldon RichardsonThe Browns emerged as the front-runner for Richardson in the wee morning hours on Tuesday, per Rapoport, less than 20 hours into the NFL's negotiating window.Anthony Barr expected to sign with New York JetsThe former Minnesota Vikings linebacker fell out of favor in the Twin Cities while other front-seven teammates saw big-time extensions. Barr, a four-time Pro Bowler, was drafted ninth overall by Minnesota in 2014. Over five seasons with the Vikes, Barr started 71 games Boomer Esiason Jersey White , forced seven fumbles and racked up 13.5 sacks.Chiefs expected to sign Tyrann Mathieu to 3-year dealThe second big-name safety to come off the board in free agency, Mathieu cashed in just hours after the Washington Redskins handed Landon Collins a gargantuan six-year, $84 million contract. Collins' $14M per-year average jacked up Mathieu's price, Rapoport reported, and the Chiefs complied.Ravens open as favorite over Bengals in Week 2 The Bengals are coming off an impressive road win over the Colts to begin the 2018 season.However, the Ravens were arguably the most impressive of any NFL team in the first week of action. They absolutely demolished the Bills en route to a 47-3 win, which frankly was one of the biggest beatdowns the NFL has seen in recent memory.This isn’t Alabama vs. the little sisters of the poor. The league is created in a way that promotes parity and competitive games when even the best teams face the worst teams.So when an NFL team beats another by 44 points, oddsmakers take notice, and they currently have Baltimore as a 1.5-point favorite over Cincinnati in Week 2. Now, it has to be pointed out that the Bengals have won seven of the last nine meetings, and one of those losses was with A.J. Green out of the lineup. The other was with Ken Zampese still calling the offense Carlos Dunlap Jersey White , which is arguably worse than not having Green.The Bengals also went into Baltimore and knocked the Ravens out of the playoffs last season. On one hand, that gives you more confidence the Bengals can take care of business at home. On the other hand, the revenge factor is very real, and the Ravens will be hell-bent on getting theirs on Thursday Night Football.Then again, you could argue the Bengals want some measure of revenge themselves for the 20-0 home embarrassment they suffered to Baltimore in Week 1 last season. The Bengals take pride in defending their home turf, and they’ll be ready to ensure a repeat of 2017 doesn’t happen in 2018.All told, I would give the Bengals an edge, but I’d only favor them by 1-1.5 points. Don’t be surprised if the line moves a point or two by Thursday to make this a pick ‘em. But if history has told us anything, don’t pick Baltimore against a healthy Green and a competent offensive coordinator.

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    Now that the Detroit Lions have filled their offensive coordinator position Jake Rudock Jersey White , attention turns to Detroit’s special teams coordinator job. Midseason, the Lions fired Joe Marciano after a series of games in which the Lions struggled to keep penalty flags off the field during special teams plays. At the time, the Lions gave assistant special teams coach Devin Fitzsimmons all of the duties that Marciano had, but now that the season is over, Detroit may be looking to find another talented mind to add to the special teams coaching squad. According to Josh Henschke of 247 Sports, Detroit—along with a couple other NFC North teams—is looking to add a familiar name:John Bonamego has 15 years of special teams coaching in the NFL, including two years with the Detroit Lions from 2013-14. That job vaulted him into the head coaching role at nearby Central Michigan University. There he had moderate success, leading the Chippewas to two winning seasons in his first three years. However Womens Trey Flowers Jersey , in 2018, CMU went 1-11, the worst season in university history, and Bonamego was let go.A reuniting would make a lot of sense in Detroit. Bonamego is a local, having gone to high school in Michigan and worked within the state for the past six year. Although many of the people that employed him back in 2013 are no longer with the franchise, there are plenty of people in that building who know what Bonamego is capable of.In his two years in Detroit, the Lions kick and punt return averages were all in the top half of the league, and he oversaw the growth of punter Sam Martin.It would seem the Lions would have the edge up on the Vikings and Packers if they are truly interested in bringing back Bonamego. We’ll see if that’s enough to land the long-time special teams coach. The NFL 2019 Playoffs commence on Saturday afternoon as the remaining 12 teams attempt to claim the Lombardi. For the first time in what feels like decades Womens Eli Harold Jersey , there is no clear front runner, and hopefully that means we’re in for some exciting postseason football—unlike the kind of football that the NCAA has provided.To kick off the postseason, Saturday provides a couple of interesting Wild Card matchups between teams that really played their best football over the past two months of the season. The Colts have won nine of their past 10. The Texans have won 11 of their last 13 . The Seahawks: six of their last seven. The Cowboys: seven of their last eight. That sets up a nice set of games on Saturday that should excite even the most casual of fans. It’s win or go home. Here’s how to watch Saturday’s games. How to Watch Wild Card SaturdayAFC: #6 Indianapolis Colts at #3 Houston TexansKickoff: 4:35 p.m. ETLocation: NRG Stadium, Houston TXTV: ESPN/ABCNational radio: Sirius XM channel 88Online streaming: Yahoo Sports app, fubo TV, NFL Mobile app (only on Verizon), NFL Game Pass (for international viewers)Odds: Texans -1SB Nation coverage: Stampede Blue (Colts), Battle Red Blog (Texans)NFC: #5 Seattle Seahawks at #4 Dallas CowboysKickoff: 8:15 p.m. ETLocation: AT&T Stadium , Arlington TXTV: FOXNational radio: Sirius XM channel 88Online streaming: Yahoo Sports app, fubo TV, FOX Sports Go, NFL Game Pass (for international viewers)Odds: Cowboys -2SB Nation coverage: Field Gulls (Seahawks), Blogging the Boys (Cowboys)

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    Get ready to see some fast times in the 40 today."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections The APC PodcastPackers Film RoomFantasy Football AdviceCSTShareTweetShareShareNFL Combine 2019 Saturday: QB/WR workouts and DL/LB interviews scheduledBrian Spurlock-USA TODAY SportsDo you feel the need? The need for speed?Get ready David Bakhtiari Jersey , because today we should see some of the fastest 40-yard dash times at the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine. The wide receiver workouts take place today, as players at that position will work out along with quarterbacks and tight ends throughout the day. All the action gets underway at 10:00 AM, and you can see everything live on NFL Network.In addition, ABC will be airing two hours of quarterback and wide receiver workouts, starting at 1:00 PM Eastern. This will be the first time any portion of the Combine has been aired on network television.When those workouts wrap up, players in the front seven of the defense will take center stage. Linebackers and defensive linemen will work out on the bench press and meet with the media starting at 2:00 PM. Keep it locked here for all the news and updates from today’s action in Indianapolis.Tweets from Packers ReportersA Twitter List by TexWestern Tweets from SB Nation writersTweets from Every NFL team has a pro shop. Every pro shop has ridiculous items that make literally no sense. These are their stories. One of my favorite things about teams that relocate frequently is that they don’t always manage to clear out everything. If you happen to live in St. Louis, the awful, awful pizza and sub-standard baseball team have left you pining for the days of the Rams Ty Summers Green Bay Packers Jersey , and you happen to have a dog, you’re in luck!Make sure fluffy stays warm in the cold Missouri winter while your heart remains cold over football teams constantly abandoning you and your arch-loving, Provel-consuming, right-way-game-playing brethren. The Rams’ pro shop is really something. There are plenty of products that all of the various teams share in common, and all of them have uniform variations designed to support our troops. Take this children’s Todd Gurley camo jersey, appropriate for your local pickup game or desert combat. The only problem is that when they wear these, no one can see any of the players. Ratings plummet, etc. Anyway Ty Summers Jersey 2019 , not every pro shop has this dandy, apparently designed to appeal to all the football-loving, hyper-militaristic knitters and professors out there.Yes, this Camo Cardi is the perfect outfit for like, one guy sitting alone at a spinning wheel in a mostly abandoned barn a few miles down from an abandoned Sonoma winery. That’s enough cold weather though. You live in Los Angeles California, and when are you going to bust out a cardigan, really? You need this $150 Tommy Bahama number. Nothing says “I was alive in the 80s and have considered joining a Jimmy Buffet cover band, and also I’m a Rams fan” more than this shirt. But why let your dreams of playing with Donald Rum’s-Felt and the Pina Colliders fade into oblivion Color Rush Ty Summers Jersey , when you can outfit the entire band with these?Let’s say you want to dress like an extra in Back to the Future 2, and have an extra $300 laying around. You couldn’t possibly ask for more than this, which won’t blow dry your pits, but will wick like there’s no tomorrow. Also, if you need a poleOr a chrome poleThey’ve got you covered. Packer Item of the WeekThis item is called a “hands high” sideline sweater. Kudos to this particular model for drawing inspiration from the name. Let’s hope they never make a sweater called “bird flipper” or “wave participant”.

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    Free agency has left everyone feeling whatever."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Texans StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Texans NewsYahoo Texans Team PageYahoo Texans ReportYahoo Texans Depth ChartYahoo Texans TransactionsYahoo Texans PhotosOdds About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub 鉁昐B Nation FanPulse2019 Houston Texans Offseason2019 NFL Free AgencySB Nation FanPulse Results (Free Agency): Confidence Is DownNew Alfred Blue Jersey ,12commentsFree agency has left everyone feeling whatever. CDTShareTweetShareShareSB Nation FanPulse Results (Free Agency): Confidence Is DownI’m thankful this Texans fan doesn’t believe in subtlety.Kirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsWelcome to SB Nation FanPulse, a survey of fans across the NFL. Throughout the offseason, we send 32 polls to 100+ plugged in fans from each team. Texans fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.The last time we did this Texans’ fans had a confidence rating of 56% regarding their team. Houston had just blown a first round bye, won the division and was all set to go down 21-0 to the Indianapolis Colts, at home, in the NFL Wildcard round. Since then the team has done things. Immediately they released Demarius Thomas and Kevin Johnson. They kept Seantrel Henderson Womens Trevor Daniel Jersey , Angelo Blackson, DeAndre Carter, Joel Heath, Brandon Dunn, Brennan Scarlett, Joe Webb and Kai’imi Fairbairn around. They lost Christian Covington, Kareem Jackson Jose Altuve Jersey White , and Tyrann Mathieu to free agency. And they added Matt Kalil, Tashaun Gipson, Briean Boddy-Calhoun, Bradley Roby, Darren Fells, and A.J. McCarron. The majority of these moves were one-year deals to cure itches the team had on its roster. Despite having Deshaun Watson on a rookie contract and tons of cap space, the team is pretty much the same right now Womens Braxton Miller Jersey , slightly different, slightly better, reshuffling the deck a bit. No one is happy. The confidence has dropped from 56% to 26% after free agency, and 54% think the team has improved during free agency. How are you feeling after free agency? What would it take for you to get to feeling better?2018 Houston Texans Game Day Live: Texans vs. Giants (Fourth Quarter) Oh weary reader/watcher, I congratulate you on getting this far in the day. Depending on how the game has gone so far, that day has been filled with loud curses at your TV or euphoric hollering at such a volume that the nearest car alarm gets set off.However, you’ve made it.We’ve got one more quarter of Texans-Giants to go before it’s all over Womens Arian Foster Jersey , so enjoy it here with your peers at BRB.Before you go, I have a quick ode to recite in the name of glorious blog etiquette. It goes a little something like this...NOTE: Please do not post any images, videos, GIFs, or non-text comments in any of BRB’s live game threads. They tend to slow the thread down and can take a long time to load. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.NOTE II: Due to the fast-paced nature of these threads, there will be no warnings before bans on game day. If a moderator deems a comment or user to be problematic, he or she will remove that person from the discussion for the good of the collective game day experience. If you’re on the wrong side of the law today and want your posting privileges reinstated , please send an e-mail to one of us tomorrow.NOTE III: Please refrain from any reference to or mention of any religion or religious figure, even if you believe it’s celebratory or inoffensive. If you make such a reference or comment, it will be deleted and you will be warned. Two violations of this rule will result in a ban.

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    Taylor Lewan skips Titans mandatory mini-camp The Titans open their mandatory veteran mini-camp today without Taylor Lewan in attendance. Lewan is currently in the 5th year of his rookie contract but wants a long-term deal. Here is the statement from Jon Robinson about Lewan skipping:This move comes as a little bit of a surprise because Lewan has been in attendance at all of the voluntary OTAs to this point. Apparently he was waiting until everyone had to be there before not showing up.He has proven over the last couple of years that he is one of the most talented players at the position. The only question that we really ever had about him was his ability to keep his composure on the field Kevin Byard Jersey , but he has made drastic strides in that department as well. There is no doubt in my mind that the two sides will work out an agreement that ends up with Lewan being the highest paid offensive lineman in the league. Reggie McKenzie never planned to unload Khalil Mack.Mack had been the foundation of the Oakland Raiders defense ever since McKenzie drafted him fifth overall in 2014, and the plan had always been to build the franchise around Mack and quarterback Derek Carr.One year after signing Carr to a long-term extension, the Raiders traded Mack to the Chicago Bears on Saturday for a package that included two first-round picks. The deal came after the two sides were unable to bridge a vast gap in initial offers made before the start of the new league year in March, with Mack willing to extend his holdout until the new deal came."My whole thought process was how to get Khalil in here," McKenzie said. "Absolutely, it was here at the end, it was in the final hour that it kind of just hit and it hit hard and heavy. It was not the plan to trade him at all."Oakland will get first-round selections in 2019 and 2020, a sixth-rounder next year and a third-rounder in 2020. Oakland also included its second-round selection in 2020 and a conditional fifth-rounder that year.It's a steep price but Mack is one of the game's top defensive players. The move came as a bit of a shock to some of Mack's former teammates.Carr tweeted "No way" and added: "#RaiderNation we feel your pain trust me but we need you next Monday night!" Oakland linebacker Bruce Irvin made his feelings clear with a profane post. He later wrote, "What a shock. Now move on and win.. time to beat the Rams!!""It's going to sting with them, as players protecting themselves Womens Malcolm Butler Jersey ," McKenzie said. "That's the way it should be. They're going to miss Khalil. I'm going to miss Khalil. We're all going to miss Khalil. Let's make that point known now. But we all will move on also.'Mack is a two-time All-Pro and the 2016 NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Mack has played in every game for Oakland since being drafted fifth overall in 2014, with 231 primary tackles, 40陆 sacks and nine forced fumbles.Since entering the league, Mack leads all players with 185陆 quarterback pressures and ranks second with 68 tackles for loss, according to SportRadar.But Mack never formed a relationship with new coach Jon Gruden, who left the broadcast booth to return to the sideline for a second stint in Oakland back in January. Mack held out for the entire offseason and preseason instead of playing under the final year of his rookie deal that would have earned him $13.8 million.Gruden had called Mack Oakland's best player but decided to go in a different direction rather than give another player a contract worth more than $20 million a year after Carr got a lucrative extension last summer. He then agreed to a six-year, $141 million extension with the Bears that guarantees him $90 million."We will pay top dollar," McKenzie said. "We just couldn't get around to giving Khalil what he wanted. We will pay top dollar to our top players. We just could not get it worked out for Khalil. That's just the way it is, the way it went. When it seemed like it was going that way, we seized the opportunity to go ahead and make the trade."The move was the biggest on a busy cutdown day that saw the Raiders waive receiver Martavis Bryant just over four months after trading a third-round pick to Pittsburgh for him; acquire backup quarterback AJ McCarron from Buffalo for a 2019 fifth-round pick; deal 2017 seventh-round safety Shalom Luani to Seattle for a 2019 seventh-round pick; and place cornerback Daryl Worley on the suspended list after he got a four-game ban Saturday for violating the NFL's policies on substance abuse and personal conduct.Among the other notable players cut were 2015 second-round defensive lineman Mario Edwards Jr. and 2016 fourth-round quarterback Connor Cook. Edwards' release means the Raiders now have none of their second-round picks from 2015-17 on the current roster Womens Brian Orakpo Jersey , having previously cut ties with 2016 defensive tackle Jihad Ward and 2017 safety Obi Melifonwu.The Raiders also got nothing out of the third-round pick dealt to the Steelers for Bryant, who dealt with injuries in training camp and has had several off-field issues in his career.The other players cut Saturday were receivers Marcell Ateman, Saeed Blacknall and Isaac Whitney; tight ends Marcus Baugh, Pharoah Brown and Paul Butler; running backs James Butler and Ryan Yurachek; linebackers Jason Cabinda, James Cowser and Azeem Victor; defensive backs Jarell Carter, Antwuan Davis, Antonio Hamilton, Dallin Leavitt, Quincy Mauger, Raysean Pringle and Shareece Wright; defensive linemen Connor Flagel Womens Tajae Sharpe Jersey , Shakir Soto and Gabe Wright; and offensive linemen Cameron Hunt, Denver Kirkland, Jordan Simmons, Jylan Ware, Oday Aboushi and James Stone.The Raiders also placed defensive lineman Eddie Vanderdoes on the physically unable to perform list as he recovers from a torn ACL in last season's finale.Kicker Eddy Pineiro and running back Chris Warren III were both placed on injured reserve, and cornerback Dexter McDonald was waived with an injury designation.The Raiders also cut E.J. Manuel after the 53-man roster was finalized to make room for McCarron to be their backup quarterback. Manuel played well in the finale against Seattle on Thursday night, but too many turnovers earlier in the preseason led to the decision to get McCarron instead.

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    Personal computers , conservation, pro football, rock n' roll and rocket ships: Paul G. Allen couldn't have asked for a better way to spend, invest and donate the billions he reaped from co-founding Microsoft with childhood friend Bill Gates.Allen used the fortune he made from Microsoft — whose Windows operating system is found on most of the world's desktop computers — to invest in other ambitions, from tackling climate change and advancing brain research to finding innovative solutions to solve some of the world's biggest challenges."If it has the potential to do good, then we should do it," Gates quoted his friend as saying.Allen died Monday in Seattle from complications of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, according to his company Vulcan Inc. He was 65. Just two weeks ago, Allen, who owned the NFL's Seattle Seahawks and the NBA's Portland Trail Blazers, had announced that the same cancer he had in 2009 had returned.Gates, who met Allen at a private school in Seattle, said he was heartbroken to have lost one of his "oldest and dearest friends.""Personal computing would not have existed without him," Gates said in a statement, adding that Allen's "second act" as a philanthropist was "focused on improving people's lives and strengthening communities in Seattle and around the world."Over his lifetime, Allen gave more than $2 billion to efforts aimed at improving education, science, technology, conservation and communities."Those fortunate to achieve great wealth should put it to work for the good of humanity," Allen wrote several years ago, when he announced that he was giving the bulk of his fortune to charity. He said that pledge "reminds us all that our net worth is ultimately defined not by dollars but rather by how well we serve others."Allen, who played guitar, built a gleaming pop culture museum in his hometown to showcase his love of rock n' roll, and funded underwater expeditions that made important shipwreck discoveries, including a U.S. aircraft carrier lost during World War II.Yet in a sense, Allen also lived up to the moniker once bestowed on him by Wired Magazine: "The Accidental Zillionaire ." He was a programmer who coined Microsoft's name and made important contributions to its early success, yet was overshadowed by his partner's acerbic intellect and cutthroat business sense.At the company's founding, for instance, Allen let Gates talk him into taking the short end of a 60-40 ownership split. A few years later, he settled for an even smaller share, 36 percent , at Gates' insistence. Reflecting on that moment In his memoir, Allen concluded that he might have haggled more, but realized that "my heart wasn't in it. So I agreed."Allen was born in Seattle. After graduating from the city's private Lakeside School, where he met Gates, Allen spent two years at Washington State University. The two friends both dropped out of college to pursue the future they envisioned: A world with a computer in every home."There would be no Microsoft as we know it without Paul Allen," said longtime technology analyst Rob Enderle, who also consulted for Allen.Allen and Gates founded Microsoft in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and their first product was a computer language for the Altair hobby-kit personal computer, giving hobbyists a basic way to program and operate the machine.After Gates and Allen found some success selling their programming language, MS-Basic, the Seattle natives moved their business in 1979 to Bellevue, Washington, not far from its eventual home in Redmond.Microsoft's big break came in 1980, when IBM Corp. decided to move into personal computers and asked Microsoft to provide the operating system.Gates and Allen agreed, even though they didn't have one to offer. To meet IBM's needs, they spent $50,000 to buy an operating system called QDOS from another startup in Seattle — without, of course, letting on that they had IBM lined up as a customer. Eventually, the product refined by Microsoft became the core of IBM PCs and their clones, catapulting Microsoft into its dominant position in the PC industry.The first versions of two classic Microsoft products, Microsoft Word and the Windows operating system, were released in 1983. By 1991, Microsoft's operating systems were used by 93 percent of the world's personal computers.Allen served as Microsoft's executive vice president of research and new product development until 1983, when he resigned after being diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease.But Allen left Microsoft knowing he and Gates would be forever linked in the history of technology."We were extraordinary partners," Allen wrote. "Despite our differences, few co-founders had shared such a unified vision — maybe Hewlett and Packard and Google's Sergey Brin and Larry Page, but it was a short list."After leaving Microsoft, Allen would remain interested in technology, especially the field of artificial intelligence Kendell Beckwith Jersey , which recalled first piquing his interest while he was still a teenager after reading "I, Robot," a science fiction book by Isaac Asimov."From my youth, I'd never stopped thinking in the future tense," Allen wrote in his 2011 memoir, "Idea Man."With his sister Jody Allen in 1986, Allen founded Vulcan, which oversees his business and philanthropic efforts. He founded the Allen Institute for Brain Science and the aerospace firm Stratolaunch, which has built a colossal airplane designed to launch satellites into orbit. He has also backed research into nuclear-fusion power and scores of technology startups.Allen also funded maverick aerospace designer Burt Rutan's SpaceShipOne, which in 2004 became the first privately developed manned spacecraft to reach space.聽The SpaceShipOne technology was licensed by Sir Richard Branson for Virgin Galactic, which is testing a successor design to carry tourists on brief hops into lower regions of space.Yet Allen never came close to replicating Microsoft's success. What he always seemed to lack, Enderle said, was another Bill Gates to help fulfill his visions."He was a decent engineer who got the timing on an idea right once in his life, and it was a big one," Enderle said.When Allen released his memoir, he allowed "60 Minutes" inside his home on Lake Washington, across the water from Seattle, revealing collections that ranged from the guitar Jimi Hendrix played at Woodstock to vintage war planes and a 300-foot yacht with its own submarine."My brother was a remarkable individual on every level," his sister Jody Allen said in a statement. "Paul's family and friends were blessed to experience his wit, warmth, his generosity and deep concern," she added.Paul Allen's influence is firmly imprinted on the cultural landscape of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, from the bright metallic Museum of Pop Culture designed by architect Frank Gehry to the computer science center at the University of Washington that bears his name.In 1988 at 35, he bought the Portland Trail Blazers professional basketball team. He told The Associated Press that "for a true fan of the game, this is a dream come true."He also was a part owner of the Seattle Sounders FC, a major league soccer team, and bought the Seattle Seahawks. Allen could sometimes be seen at games or chatting in the locker room with players.Associated Press writers Michael Liedtke in San Francisco and Lisa Baumann in Seattle contributed to this report. Wrapping up this season’s look at some of the key Buccaneers from 2018 in comparison with the cap space dedicated to their presence, it’s fan favorite, Adam Humphries!We know the fans love him. His quarterback targets him and has a great connection with him. But just how much did he outplay his cap hit, and what does it mean for 2019?CAP STATS2018 CAP HIT: $2.9MTEAM RANKING: 18THNFL RANKING: T-483RD (WR, TYRELL WILLAMS (LAC); G Ryan Smith Jersey White , BEN GARLAND (ATL); 7 MORE)POSITION RANKING: T-60THAs a restricted free-agent in the 2018 off-season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers brought Humphries back on a one-year deal.He continued to build upon his reputation as a sure handed short and intermediate option for his quarterback, and became one of the few bright spots in yet another dissapointing season for the franchise.Now, in 2019, Humphries will be an un-restricted free-agent and has a new coaching staff in Tampa deciding whether or not they want to try and retain his services on the team who first gave him a shot as an undrafted free-agent out of Clemson in 2015.TEAM PRODUCTIONHumphries was one of three wide receivers costing the Bucs millions of dollars in cap room including star Mike Evans and the recently alienated DeSean Jackson.His 76 receptions, 816-yards and five touchdowns were all career highs. During the season, Humphries contributed the most during the back-half of the season with 41 of his 76 receptions coming in the final eight games of the year.In Week 16, Humphries notched double-digit receptions for just the second time in his career, and it was the first time since Week 17 of the 2016 season he had done so.For all of his efforts, he finished second on the team in targets and receptions and third in receiving yards. His 72.4% catch percentage was best among Buccaneers wide receivers, and second on the team to Jacquizz Rodgers.LEAGUE PRODUCTIONAmong wide receivers with a minimum of 85 targets, Humphries finished inside the Top-15 and was one of just fourteen players with a drop percentage lower than 4. Among receivers with at least 100 targets, he finished 8th.103 of his targets in 2018 came from the slot, which should be no surprise to anyone who watches Tampa Bay football in recent years. In fact, Humphries spent over 83% of his time on the field lined up in the slot, sixth-most in the NFL for 2018.24 players spent more than half of their time lined up in the slot for NFL teams this past season. Of them, Humphries landed third in receptions, fourth in yards and seventh with three touchdowns out of the slot position.When compared to all NFL receivers, the fourth-year receiver ranked 16th in catches and 28th in yards. His five scores came in tied for 31st in the league along with other receivers like Brandin Cooks of the Los Angeles Rams and cap-twin Tyrell Williams from the Los Angeles Chargers.Taking a look at cap hits surrendered to players ranking around Humphries, he spent his 2018 in the statistical company of players who averaged a cap hit of $6.3M in 2018.CONCLUSIONEarning on average of $4M less than players in the same position with similar production is not going to bode well for Jason Licht if and when they go to negotiate with Humphries.What will help is the fact that tight end Cameron Brate agreed to a very team friendly contract when he re-signed last year. It’s well known that Brate and Humphries are very good friends, so it’s likely the wide receiver and tight end share similar mindsets when it comes to money and their position in the NFL.Still, Humphries has proven his value to the team way beyond that of DeSean Jackson, who the team set aside $11M for in estimates Humphries could demand as much as $10.4M which would make him the 20th highest paid receiver in the league. Compared to his statistical performance and the rate of inflation usually seen in these deals, this number seems reasonable.For a team with lots of needs and not as much in cap space as many others, this number may pose a problem for the two sides when they meet.VERDICT: BUCS GOT A BARGAINKim Klement-USA TODAY SportsBut then, they knew it when they signed him. Humphries was a restricted free-agent when they got him at $2M.It was hoped that a strong season by Humphries would lead to not only a better contract for the player, but a better season for the Buccaneers compared to their 2017 finish.Unfortunately, only one of those is true.

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    Century Links 9/18: Seahawks Fall to Bears in MNF Shaquill Griffin Active For Seahawks at BearsThe Seahawks are missing several starters due to injury Womens Russell Wilson Jersey , but one who was listed as questionable, cornerback Shaquill Griffin, will play Monday night.CFB week 3: Big name defenders continue to make plays | Seahawks Draft BlogOhio State duo stand out again The Ohio State vs TCU game was highly entertaining and featured two big name draft prospects. Nick Bosa (clearly the earlyMonday Round-Up: Seahawks at Bears PreviewsCheck out what the local and national media are saying about Monday's primetime matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and Chicago Bears.4 things to watch in Bears-Seahawks gameSenior writer Larry Mayer identifies four storylines to watch in Monday night’s game between the Bears and Seahawks, including what Khalil Mack will do for an encore after his monster debut in Green Bay.'It's a big matchup:' Bears, Seahawks both looking to avoid 0-2 start - TSN.caSeahawks vs. Bears odds: Monday Night Football picks and top predictions from expert who's 10-2 on Seattle games - CBSSports.comJosh Nagel has his finger on the pulse of Pete Carroll and the SeahawksCould Seahawks newcomer Mychal Kendricks do football then prison? - NFL Nation- ESPNThe former Eagles star, who faces possible prison time for insider trading, was signed by Seattle on Friday and will play on Monday Night Football.What we learned from Bears' victory over Seahawks - NFL.comThe Chicago Bears capitalized on a 49-yard interception return by Prince Amukamara in the fourth quarter to defeat the Seattle Seahawks, 24-17, on Monday night football.Bears get best of Russell Wilson, Seahawks on Monday Night FootballMitchell Trubisky continues to be a work in progress, but a stout Bears defense led the way in a win over the Seahawks. Here's what we learned Monday.Seahawks vs. Bears 2018 results: Chicago picks up big win on ‘Monday Night Football’ - SBNation.comThe Bears got to Russell Wilson six times on "Monday Night Football".Rapid Reaction: Bears 24, Seahawks 17Notes, takeaways, and reaction from the Seattle Seahawks' Week 2 road game against the Chicago Bears.Seahawks rookie Michael Dickson might be the best punter in the NFL | SI.comIn 2017 the Sydney, Australia native won the Ray Guy award and was named MVP of the Texas Bowl. Now he's already leaving a mark for booming punts in the NFL.Former Seahawks Claim Pete Caroll Favors Russell Wilson | Heavy.comFind out why some former Seattle Seahawks players claim Pete Carroll sheltered quarterback Russell Wilson from criticism.What we learned from Bears' victory over Seahawks - NFL.comThe Chicago Bears capitalized on a 49-yard interception return by Prince Amukamara in the fourth quarter to defeat the Seattle Seahawks, 24-17, on Monday night football.DeSean on Fitzpatrick: 'You can't take the hot man out' - NFL.comDeSean Jackson says the Tampa Bay Buccaneers need to stay with Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback if he's still playing lights-out when Jameis Winston returns from suspension.Cardinals coach: Team issues go beyond Sam Bradford - NFL.comIn the wake of their 34-0 thrashing by the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, Wilks didn't indicate he was considering giving Sam Bradford's starting quarterback job to rookie Josh Rosen.Redskins sign WRs Breshad Perriman, Michael Floyd - NFL.comThe Washington Redskins needed help at wide receiver and took a couple steps Monday to bolster the group. The Redskins signed Breshad Perriman and Michael Floyd on Monday.Browns trade Josh Gordon to Patriots for fifth-rounder - NFL.comThe Cleveland Browns announced Monday they traded wide receiver Josh Gordon to the New England Patriots. In exchange for Gordon, the team received a 2019 fifth-round draft pick.Koetter delays QB talk until Jameis Winston returns - NFL.comThe Bucs are off to a 2-0 start with QB Ryan Fitzpatrick while Jameis Winston is on a three-game suspension. But don't ask coach Dirk Koetter if there will be a quarterback controversy when Winston returns.Sean McVay confirms Aaron Neary was at the Rams game on Sunday – ProFootballTalkPolice in Simi Valley, California arrested Rams practice-squad center Aaron Neary at 6:30 p.m. local time on Sunday, some 40 miles from the L.A. Coliseum. On Monday, Rams coach Sean McVay confirmed that Neary was with the team for Sunday's win over the Cardinals.Bears overwhelm Russell Wilson, Seahawks offense in 24-17 victory – ProFootballTalkKhalil Mack and the Bears defense harassed and flustered Russell Wilson to the tune of six sacks as Chicago earned a 24-17 victory over the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night. A patchwork defense that was missing Bobby Wagner, K.J.Saints bringing back defensive tackle Jay Bromley – ProFootballTalkAfter releasing him during final roster cuts, the New Orleans Saints are seeking a reunion with veteran defensive tackle Jay Bromley. According to Tom Pelissero of the NFL Newtork, Bromley is flying to New Orleans to re-sign the team he spent the offseason with.Why Barkevious Mingo will get back to his LSU form Barkevious Mingo, the former 6th overall draft pick of the Cleveland Browns, is entering into his sixth season. A lot of analysts would say that Mingo hasn’t quite lived up to the lofty first round draft pick expectation and while that might be partially true, I have a different perspective. Mingo’s first two seasons were decent for an edge defender who was learning a completely different scheme than what he ran with John Chavis during his time at LSU. In his third season, which is usually make a break for most rookie deals, he didn’t fair so well which lead him to be traded to the Patriots at the beginning of his fourth season. As most knowledgeable football advocates and fans know, being a Patriot on the defensive side of the ball means to be expendable. Expendable in this case meaning to not have a secured role week in and week out. New England is the “best“ at game-planning on a weekly bases. No one is untouchable when it comes to their formula. This statement held true once again with the recent Pro Bowl CB Malcom Butler Super Bowl LII benching debacle. The fact that Mingo was active for all 16 games that year shows that he knew the playbook , which is extremely complex. However, he never really had enough opportunities to show case his skillset that made him a 1st round draft choice.Fun fact: Mingo was only on the field for 47 defensive snaps that entire season. Kind of hard to judge or write off a player if they’re not given equal amount of opportunities to shine when it counts.In 2017, Mingo signed with the Colts and had a bounce-back year. He showcased some positive and promising signs for his future.Finishing the season with with a career-high of 47 tackles, 4 tackles for loss, 3 forced fumbles, 2 sacks, and 2 pass deflections. Playing in 501 defensive snaps last season, his third most since 2014. Mingo’s trending play with the Colts last season lead him to striking a 2-year, $6,800,000 contract with the Seahawks. Fast forward to today and my different perspective on Barkevious’ career “disappointment.” Below are the three reasons specifically why it’s not all Mingo’s fault and the things that these “analysts” don’t account for. Eighty-percent of players hardly control their own destiny when it comes to playing time. Now of course there’s exceptions but I’m not talking about those type of players.1). Mingo’s pitfalls were due to mismanagements. Meaning trying to make him an every play starter. Not saying that he couldn’t potentially become one, but at LSU they managed that almost to perfection during his three years in Death Valley. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? I’m blaming that on his former coach’s egos in Cleveland.2). Limited opportunities, personnel, and situational game planning. In less complicated terms, did he get enough snaps? Is it a heavy run personnel? Is it most likely a pass personnel? To go even further, is it big bodies coming into the opposing teams huddle or smaller bodies like wide receivers, which dictates should they put in certain players in. Every NFL team does this, the Browns just did a terrible job at doing so. With the Patriots he just didn’t get playing time. Mingo was drafted to get after the quarterback and to disrupt the timing in the backfield. Nothing more, nothing less. He’s thin, he’s lean, he’s quick, and athletic. He’s not your traditional prototype edge defender. Well, at least four years ago he wasn’t. In today’s NFL, with it being more of a passing league, he’s the norm now.3). Mingo plays better when he has other superstars around him. Although you can make that case for every player who’s ever played the game, it’s really true in his situation. In his three years at LSU he played with bonafide ballers that made his assignment simplistic at best. Even more reason to believe he will have his best years yet and set career-highs with the Seahawks. This by far will be the most talented defense that he’s played on since college. It’s not even close.Hopefully, I did my part of by giving you all a fresh, fair, and retrospective perspective that can change the negative narrative when it comes to Barkevious Mingo. I know for a fact Mingo is chomping at the bit to continue his #BigRedemption.Enjoy the breakdown.

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    Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid resolved their collusion grievances against the NFL on Friday. The National Football League Players Association Womens C. J. Beathard Jersey , which had helped fight the players’ case, released a statement applauding the settlement.The NFLPA also added it hopes Kaepernick gets “his opportunity” to return to the NFL.Kaepernick has not played since 2016. Reid, who had to wait until the season started last year to find a job, signed an extension with the Panthers earlier this week.“Today, we were informed by the NFL of the settlement of the Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid collusion cases,” the NFLPA wrote. “We are not privy to the details of the settlement, but support the decision by the players and their counsel. We continuously supported Colin and Eric from the start of their protests, participated with their lawyers throughout their legal proceedings and were prepared to participate in the upcoming trial in pursuit of both truth and justice for what we believe the NFL and its clubs did to them. We are glad that Eric has earned a job and a new contract, and we continue to hope that Colin gets his opportunity as well.”Breaking down the 49ers’ running game success against the Chiefs While the 49ers are still reeling from the loss of their franchise quarterback for their season, it’s probably to shift some focus over to some positive things about the 49ers’ offense. Head coach Kyle Shanahan has always prided himself about having a successful run game and San Francisco is delivering on that this season.Even with top running back Jerick McKinnon sidelined for the entire season with a torn ACL, backups Matt Breida and Alfred Morris have seamlessly stepped in, carrying the burden thus far. After three weeks, Breida is tied for the most rushing yards in the NFL, with Cowboys’ tailback Ezekiel Elliot (274). San Francisco is second in the NFL in rushing yards per attempt (5.6) and second in rushing yards per game (152.7) due to the skill of the running backs, but also in part due to the success of the offensive line. Per Pro Football Focus Womens Kyle Juszczyk Jersey , 49ers’ rookie right tackle Mike McGlinchey is having a phenomenal season, posting an 84.7 run-blocking grade against the Chiefs and possessing a run-blocking grade of 79.4 through three weeks — which is second in the NFL. Combine that with veteran lineman Joe Staley and Weston Richburg running over defensive linemen and the 49ers’ running backs have wide open lanes.How wide open, you ask? The 49ers have 230 yards on the ground before they are touched by a defensive player — a number that’s second behind Carolina, according to ESPN. Sunday’s contest against Kansas City backs that notion up, as Breida and Morris broke off big runs, their longest being 26 and 16 yards, respectively.On Breida’s biggest run of the day, it was a huge gain due to his creativity on the play. The running lane closes quickly, but the 49ers’ second-year back has a solid presence of mind to cut it back to the left side of the field, where there’s no defenders. That allows Breida to kick it into a higher gear and gain 26 yards on the play.49ers have a lot of success on these misdirection, where they get a wide receiver running across the line of scrimmage to freeze up one of the defensive ends, allowing the blockers to shift in the direction of the run. In this case, it frees up a huge hole for Breida to gain 21 yards. It wasn’t until early in the third quarter that the 49ers found some offensive rhythm, especially in their running game. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo bobbles this snap, but is able to toss it to Breida , who takes it for a 27-yard gain.On this play, the 49ers offensive line does a solid job run blocking, bringing in tight end George Kittle as an extra blocker and allowing fullback Kyle Juszczyk to be the lead blocker. The opening gave way to a six-yard Morris gain on first down. Having positive first downs have been key to sustaining long drives for San Francisco’s offense.Another strong example of the 49ers ability to line up and run block. All the linemen up front hold their blocks, creating a lane for Morris to gain nearly 10 yards before first contact. Then Morris is able to use his physicality to turn it into his longest run of the afternoon.I mean, look at this hole created by the 49ers’ offensive line. You or I could run through that opening for a positive gain. Morris takes that for an easy eight-yard gain and the 49ers have a short second down. Having successful run plays, opens up the dangerous play-action passing game, which is the base of the Shanahan offense.Here’s another wrinkle in the 49ers’ running attack, as Garoppolo hands it to Juszczyk, who has the option of running of the ball or tossing it to Breida. In this case, the 49ers’ fullback does the correct thing, tossing it to Breida. It eventually turns into a nice red zone gain for the 49ers of 13 yards.No matter who’s in the backfield for San Francisco, this offensive line unit is absolutely mauling the defenders and creating wide open running lanes for the backs. Without Garoppolo in the lineup, I’m sure defenses will start to adjust to take away the running game primarily. Defenses should start to stack the boxes with eight defenders and force backup quarterback C.J. Beathard to make throws from the pocket. If the 49ers can continue to run the ball down opposing defenses’ throats then, I’ll be impressed.

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