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  • keep with water in the potDatum20.10.2020 04:39
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Neuigkeiten

    "All have already led half for hour, the Mu permits blue fall to urinate so long how haven't come back?Should can't run into what snake?I see, Chen Zhi Hui, you go first lake there, there is a piece of megalith of person's form on the side, I three year ago right theres snare the big fish of one more than tens."Liao learns a soldier to say the dynasty Mu permits blue the direction falling walks.
    The week has peace of mind a way:"Want to peep Mu to permit to urinate to still say words so elegant and stately, really not the Kui is a teacher."
    Chen Zhi Hui also feels uneasy:"The teacher quickly goes and run into what call, I make the boys help you."
    The Mu permits blue fall worry layer after layer, foolish under the tree entertain foolish ideas for a long time, she drinks of the soup is many, the soup always has some the salty, and then drinks many water and wet an idea to really come at this time, the Chou Chou is every where unmanned, and the draw down pants kept on squating down.Suddenly spread to brush loudly to move in grass cluster, the Mu permits blue fall to scare to death, listens to a voice call way:"The Mu permits blue fall, you at not at?"
    She wets a half to hurriedly start to pull pants, but sees Liao learn a soldier to stand the behind is at he or she, the Xia is dizzy while signing full face, abashed and angered, Nu way:"Smelly rascal!Your this rascal teacher peeps a student small ……urinate ……"
    "The bottom of good white!"Liao learns soldier's in the mind to say, just romantic act all accepts into eye bottom and greatly sighs not and falsely a this trip, the Mu in the rage permits blue fall have already rushed toward top to mercilessly pound several boxings in his chest.
    "Is alas, I what didn't see.I saw your half a hour haven't returned to and really worried you, run to come over and see, luckily nothing important matter occurrence."The old Liao helpless stall opens hands, he most mean to say of BE:Urinate to let you see not as also as teacher, even off so.
    Hear the teacher concern his/her own language of expression, the Mu permits blue fall heart but slowly soft, slowly take back a fist, still can not pass on the face, way:"Hum!Don't I just believe."Although the surface opens treachery, heart always still traditional girl, thought of the important part of oneself is seen one naked, temporarily abashed can not Yang.
    Liao learns a soldier to start to lead long her hand to say very naturally:"Walk, we go fishing, small and blue fall darling of, wait teacher to snare very greatly very big fish of to eat for you."This is the tone that old Liao flirts a female kid to often use in the bar, have never succeeded.
    He is like coaxing a kid, the Mu permits blue fall but extremely enjoyable, the facial expression is cloudy to become fair, says with smile:"Walk, the elder sister of Zhi Hui already wait me for a long time?"
    Old Liao has already calculated to open:"The waiting me must closely pay attention to for a while and see which girl urinate a little bit longer than three minutes, I pretend a circumstance not to blunt past.The teacher really has an occupation of prospect."
    See the teacher lead long Mu to permit blue fall of arrive at by the lake, Chen Zhi Hui a foolish, don't think toward deep place, say:"Teacher, I saw fishes in the lake, can they are to don't take the bait and how do?"
    Green jade wave ripple of clarify lake water often has fish is visiting, Liao learns a soldier to pack a fishworm to make an effort a to jilt, noodles Yang in the lake rises a burst of microwave.
    No matter leaf jade tiger how dress up as cool pack cold Ao, he is always still a big kid, have fun with crew member in Lin Zi forget so, just suddenly think of the business that to deal with a teacher, made Chen You Nian say:"Spoony Zi, you see a teacher, they have to go fishing, and the message notifies me.The small Dan played with them so long all have no a message to notify us, be really of."
    Return to encampment to turn over a shoulder bag, finding out one to keep fresh the bag must on the brink of deathly live fish, "teacher, this fish sends to do dinner for you."The fish brings from the home and dips a white spirit with a cotton ball and fills inside in the mouth of fish, don't use water and cover a wet towel, because there is ether in the white spirit and pass the absorption of gill and enter a person inside the fish body, there is anaesthesia function can'ting die, either for a few hours..This fish has already fed a Xie medicine, be tossed about by him neither dead nor alive, seek to lend to send to do fish soup for teacher Liao, Hey Hey, not afraid don't win to recruit.
    Chen You Nian's message hair delivers:"Teacher a piece of person in the by the lake form megalith up go fishing, shell Xiao Dan also at."
    "Good!Do so!"The leaf jade tiger takes off to travel shoe, red double feet, intentionally sprinkle body moist of, carry on the shoulder fishing pole again, the left hand carries fish interest blunt blunt run over there, far and far see Liao learn a soldier to sit by the side of the megalith up, excitedly call a way:"Teacher, teacher, I snare to a big fish!"
    Old Liao a turn head:"The Yi also goes fishing than me and really has talent!Return breadth than the palm, at least have two catties of above."
    Leaf jade tiger one side run to come over a side to say:"The teacher just saw you being good at to burn soup, I this fish do fresh soup for you, in case throw in the my hand Be getting more wasted."
    Be not?So good heart?Again is there is Zha?However see him so sincere, refused it's beyond the limit again, station start to say:"Okay."
    The Mu permits blue fall an one step have already robbed to come forward and said:"Teacher, I take for you."The fish that without extra trouble once connected a leaf jade tiger, suddenly that fish spares no effort a flounder in the her hand, fiercely on jumping, fall into lake, in a moment disappear.Liao learns a soldier to sigh a way:"Is regrettable!So good fish, does the city inside at least buy 20 piece per catty."
    Is one anaesthetized with the alcohol, returned Xie the fish of along while to how can have to so strongly annoy to suddenly jump to walk?Leaf the jade tiger and Mu permit blue fall cold to see, girl soft-voiced way:"Hum, want to play with old Niang, are you still delicate."Leaf Yu Hu says:" We all played like this before of, did you why obstruct?Haven't you teased an another teacher before?"
    The Mu permits blue fall not to miss his/her own different feelings be discovered by the others, then say:"You make this, don't want to make me eat?Anyway I and the teacher is in 1 set, forbid you whole he."
    The leaf jade tiger doesn't want to fight:"That good, we don't begin feet in the food be.You don't always Ai matter, forget last time, you is how deal with formerly that teacher Zhuo?Put blood knife in her drawer, we didn't think."
    "Go away, leave I am so near!"
    Old Liao surprisedly turns head a to see:", Are you two to measure at the company what good matter?Leaf jade tiger, your going fishing level is so strong, come over to see fishing hook for me."
    The leaf jade tiger has to past the honesty sit, however have the shell Xiao the Dan beside, he doesn't dare the gist, show off to arise from F stupid of angle for fish knowledge:"I feel that the carp should like to eat breadcrumbs, teacher, you do bait with the earthworm not that all right."
    The shell Xiao Dan has to keep him from continuing to bring shame and says with smile:" Tiger, there is no carp in lake."
    Several individuals sitting idly half don't snare a fingerling for hour, Chen Zhi Hui wishes:"Is blue to fall before always sit don't live, why peaceful and serene sit a face today beside ascend whole is a smiling face?"Follow her view to see go, discover that she has been being looking at teacher Liao, is more interrogative not only:"Teacher's sitting don't sit mutually, also old like hunchback, good-looking?"
    The leaf jade tiger rubs to become numb of legs, wry smile way:"Teacher, I could not held up."
    The words sound just fell, saw a buoy fiercely and downwards pull to go, Liao learns a soldier rapid laid up fish of line, the fishing hook a per Chinese foot came to long sturgeon vivacious.The Mu permits blue fall to spring up:"The teacher is excellent!" The shell Xiao Dan originally also wanted to shout bravo of, see she jump the gun, don't talk.
    She once connected fish and lovely put into a bag, Chen Zhi Hui thought again:"Living fish is so foul smell, past of blue fall a root to touch can't touch, she today how did the temperament greatly change?"
    Connect down good luck repeatedly, a few big fishes take the bait and connect a leaf jade tiger also cannot stop excitement of color, loudly shout bravo.
    Return to encampment to put fish to keep with water in the pot, old Liao's hello:"Let's all go to waterfalls bottom to swim!"
    Everyone shouts, the girls drill into tent to change a good swimsuit in succession, some would not like to go of leaving and seeing encampment.The leaf jade tiger is also very happy, heart way:"How do I feel that the emotion seemed to be all operated by him?"Cui government a greatly help sex maniac too agitated don't go, a long while ago hope this time!Female children one after another from the tent in drill out, they much exciting penny.!D Liu Jing came out and came out ……boy's in the mind all in the battle cry, allied body type green swimsuit, there is also small skirt side, how pretty thigh, see, many white clean!

  • the dint was big endlessDatum20.10.2020 04:36
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Neuigkeiten

    Father at she the pimping time died, the mother was again occupied in dealing with company and attend to not up the tube teach a kid, she always is all treachery girl, emphasize west to turn a life, usually discrepancy in the western restaurant, ocean fast food shop, few to Chinese food traditional cultural understand, Liao learns a soldier just literally do of vegetables, then let she as if Be placed oneself to warm family, the ratio eats in normal times of the thing doesn't know delicious how much doubly.
    The flavor far and far drills into the nose of receiving the soldier, he the dead dead looking at a summer however:"If not that you took a rice cooker, we early started enjoying delicious life."
    The summer however cries to lose a face:"The rice cooker Dan as usual can cook thing of ……"
    Everybody doesn't aware of self to take a little to envy to see learn from Liao a soldier that.Old Liao has a little handicraft, is him to live alone to do out for several years of means, although usually eat instant noodles, but a have the day of spare money he will buy vegetables to go home do-it-yourself.
    " Tiger, the Mu permits blue fall to say that wanting you under etc. is good-looking."Four eye frogs strongly bit one mouthful ham bowel, if not that you the Sou idea of tiger, I am also drinking beef broth now.The shell Xiao Dan is still working harder to roast a drumstick, however that flavor make people dare not sing praises.
    The leaf jade tiger once connects a drumstick of burned black and trembled the ground of Suo Suo to stare at, the Leng was to don't dare to descend a mouth, said:"The Mu permits blue fall afraid that she does what, small Dan, you roast of drumstick true delicacy ……"
    The shell Xiao Dan smiles to see him:"Since like that to eat!"
    The thing that the lover personally does, leaf jade tiger heart at drop blood, three people two stutter over, chew don't chew as well to directly swallow a belly, interjection:"I go to that direction and urinate for a while."The Wu wears a mouth to run and sought a place that the nobody sees and cried aloud to all vomit and miserably says with smile:"Have no whole arrive teacher Liao, the oneself small life is finishing having fun."Is very slowly to return to encampment, shell Xiao Dan again roast good a more burntly wait him:" Tiger, you haven't eaten satisfied, again come."
    The Mu permits blue fall to know this new teacher however was cutting class to return to a school half month later for a week, the classmates said to change a new teacher, and they say that this new teacher is a big novice, a school already give up their class just deliver of scapegoat, she basically disdained to a to attend to at that time.
    Arrive the wager ball of teacher Liao afterwards drive whole, lose several thousands of, she feels this teacher in addition to having no ability was still specially money-mad, then and completely ignored it.But at"ice rain is like tide" singing performance up, she sits in another district and see the teacher appear on stage to sing and embrace each other with idol, performance very poised and dignified, her discovering this person isn't in the imagination of so simple.
    Although teacher Liao always likes braggart, greatly talk Dan Dan, can he prelects vivid and interesting, even attraction oneself no longer go to bed, today again give oneself some kind of surprises.She starts teachers and the students' good will to have the traditional meaning to old Liao.
    Lunch after, everyone free activity, someone goes to by the lake and goes fishing, someone looks for waterfalls to the upper stream, someone seeks a mushroom in the forest, and the fun is full of life.
    "Teacher, let's come to play poker."The Mu permits blue fall to say to spread to open clean cloth on the lawn, " the elder sister of Zhi Hui, our four people comes together, week Anne, you beside looking at."Wretchedness of week Anne be automatically expeled at four people outside.
    Old Liao's in the mind calculates:"Is law-abiding is clearly usually the role that an is humiliated on this week, be always drunk to Yao by them to go, I must seek an opportunity to ask.She why make Chen Zhi Hui be an elder sister, might it not be is the age of Chen Zhi Hui older than them, Be in the middle to have a prestige at them?This must well halter for a while."
    "We play'the double button up', lose of face up will drive decals, also need to be responsible for dinner."Moxa purple Ying proposal way.
    Play in"the double buttons up" at in sea very popular, the AN is the biggest in list Zhang Pai, 2 minimum, can at the same time five agreeable sons and five together spend, fours are the biggest, can"deep-fried" another card.
    "That I and teacher's a troops, the Mu permits you and purple Ying."Chen Zhi Hui thinks that the Mu permits blue fall to want to tease a teacher, then"good intentions" ground matches with them.
    "?"The Mu permits blue fell to just produce delicate good will to the teacher, was about to approach to observe him, had never thought the elder sister of quilt high regard to rob first, depressed and not talking much, " that is all right."Think again:"Since so, that my rather whole teacher, see him what respond."
    Week Anne stands and after death sees a card at old Liao, whenever he takes out a good card, will permit ice rain for the Mu of flank and do signal, four five, is a left hand and stretch out four fingers, the right hand stretches out five fingers, the Mu permits blue fall and moxa the purple Ying see at a glance.However ……he if have four Ks, that how should express ……
    "Play a card with me, are you still delicate."Liao learns a soldier to mix a vestige underworld for several years, the trick on the card bureau how much know some, conjecture public facial expression, secretly smile.
    "Is not afraid dead of come right away!"The Mu permits the red peach that ice rain jilts five piece per color, " this next the nobody Be getting more heavy than me."
    "I am deep-fried!"Liao learns soldier's 4 five press down.
    "Your card good, temporarily avoid a head."The Mu permits blue fall heart of way.
    Liao learned soldier's naturally to win one bureau, two girls returned a way, he by luck takes out a good card, but continues several bureaus down, the Mu permits blue fall face up stick full note, she understand she bumped a superior.
    The shell Xiao Dan gathers together them to side join a crowd for fun and connects a leaf jade tiger to call to go fishing all absolutely still.Four eyes know eldest brother to shell Xiao Dan of improper of think, silently pull his gusset to say:"Etc., swim to still fear to have no an opportunity in the afternoon?"
    Pursue, the leaf jade tiger is to come to class at teacher Liao in after allowing lesson, he just discovers he to fancy shell Xiao Dan.Formerly they just and four eyes, Chen You Nian and panda calm down to etc. person to have fun together be good friends with of colleague, he made the Dan snare the teacher's MSN number at that time, when the female kid who acquainted with already a long time that day pulled the teacher's gusset to act in pettish to want number, that kind of the youth rippled of appearance touch the Xian of his mind.
    First time invite shell Xiao the Dan go out to go shopping is in that noon, be unfortunately bumped by extremely evil teacher Liao to break.Luckily, he carelessly sees teacher Liao's true strength that day.At that time leaf the jade tiger was knocked down by the small bludger, almost fainted-had a liking for to is like the place that the true swoon-teacher Liao took the safety to the shell Xiao Dan very much, then, he who lay prone on the ground saw uncanny one act, the teacher just became overdo to get two boxings, then the lightning flash sort ground made moves:Is used more than 30 seconds, beat a small bludger took off 56 teeth, must throw up blood a dozen, also have a face last bloom, 1 faints.The small bludger lifts maimed companion to escape right away.
    This secret stays a jade tiger in the mind hasn't been once speaking to anyone at the leaf, he swore to explore those shameful privacies of a teacher Liao.
    Cui government after coming back several times 3 want to fight force with force with teacher, the leaf jade tiger then feels the scheme is more suitable, 2 people unexpectedly produce a rift unclearly, on the mouth although don't say, this camping was divided into two to send.
    "Hum, follow teacher Liao hard of, he once was a car to fix work, the dint was big endless, connect receive none of soldiers is an opponent, your Cui government absolutely is ask to be rebuffed."
    The Mu permits blue fall almost bureaus and all lose, it is more spiritless to more have fun, more lose more is an injustice, the quick temper of the in the mind more accumulates more big, she was originally an intractable kid, hoped the sky to the poker on throwing, allowed poker satisfied in succession scatter, call way:"I don't have fun!"
    Liao learns a soldier to lightly help her the Jie to drop the note on the face, smile way:"Silly kid."
    The delicate action of this person, gentle and soft facial expression, as if the look in the eyes of the father generation sort kindly, the Mu permits blue fall to bomb in the heart however a , be like drive a ray of light impact, could not say what taste, she shouts loudly a way:"I urinate!"Frightenedly run to arrive very far stub big tree to descend, the heart Wu keeps jumping from bang bang:"He, he look like father and really seem."

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